Presque Report

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  1. After reading the numerous reports, a friend convinced me to go with him to PI. It was our first trip. We thought we should post because we had a great day and it's not like we're blowing up our secret spot.

    There were some perch fisherman in the head of the bay but don't know how they were doing. We went to misery bay for the bluegills. We did really well fishing with waxworms and small ice jigs. The average fish was 7+, thick and healthy. Got a red ear that was true handful-super wide. We probably caught 40 each but just C&R as cleaning fish after a two hour plus drive home did not seem appealing. Two crappies landed 10-12 inches.

    Had the aquavu with us and it was a blast. Fishing over tops of the abundant weeds. Jig, jig, jig, and they came gliding up out of the weeds to suck it in. Amazing how light they were biting at the beginning of the day- maybe the camera is cheating. Without the camera visualizing the weed tops we'd have probably started out too deep.

    We agreed it was some of the best bluegill ice action we've ever had because of the quality of the fish. There must be a lot of them there because we kept the shanty parked in one spot from 1200 to 1800. Interestingly, there were some crappie fisherman coming out at dusk as we were packing up. Ice was 6-8. Probably two dozen shanties most of the day.

    It was worth it. A collective thanks to all who have shared info about this awesome spot!