Presque Isle?????

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  1. Anyone know what the conditions are at Presque? I am going on vacation and planned on a trip up there this weekend. Any info would be much appreciated...

  2. I'm hading over to PI tomorrow. If you guys aren't heading up until Saturday, I'll post and let you know what I find.

  3. Thank you. I am planning on going up Saturday. I hope it's fishable!!!
  4. I may go up Sunday and stay Monday.. VACO!!!
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    I WAS going up this weekend.... Trip got canceled cuz of bad ice... Now its back... damn it!
  6. I called BAC today and they said the main bay is 3-4in. And Misery bay is 4-6inches. I am going up saturday and check things out and probably stay until monday afternoon. He also said the weather is suppose to stay cold at night so the main bay should be real nice by Sunday.