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Presque Isle?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by twistertail, May 20, 2004.

  1. I was wondering how far off 90 the park is? I'm taking the wife to Niagara Falls in a few weeks and was thinking of stopping in and checking out Presque Isle if its not too far off the freeway. Doesnt look like it is but i thought i would check with some of you who have been there fishing. I'm not going to fish or anything, just check it out so i know where to go next winter for some ice fishing!
  2. UFM82

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    Can't give you an exact on the distance but it isn't too far from 90 to the lake- you can see the water from 90 in some spots. I was just by there this weekend and saw the sign for Presque Isle. I'd guess it can't be 10 miles or so.

    From what I was told by a person who knows, Presque has good largemouth and trophy smallmouth fishing in their harbor, and it is protected from the winds that whip up Erie so bad. In fact, if we had not been able to fish Erie, we would have run to Presque to fish.

    Niagara is cool- you gotta see it if you haven't. Very impressive.


  3. It takes 14 minutes to get to the park from I-90. Longer if you get stuck behind school busses or traffic lights. LOL.

    Have fun!

  4. Thanks guys. I wont be able to fish but thought it would be neat to check out since i'll be so close.
    Neve been to Niagara, looking forward to it. Besides the falls is there anything else i should be sure to check out?
  5. Stuff all over up there. Ft. Niagra, Devil's Hole, lots of parks, casinos, all sorts of stuff.

  6. I will be there opening weekend for the new casino, going to check that out for sure. What is Ft Niagara?
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    an old ft used in pretty much all wars on north american soil. I beleive it was first made in the french and indian war. also used in war of 1812 and the revolutionary war.
  8. I have heard about Ft Niagara but didnt know there was still something there. I will have to check that out.
  9. find me a place to park motorhome this winter.frozen golf course is what im lookin for!!!!!!
  10. Take 90 to 832 North (Presque Isle Sign) and you'll head right onto the Peninsula after 10-15 minutes of traffic. When I go I skip that exit and go 90 to 79 North, on 79 for about 5-7 miles prob then I take an exit and go back east, then back on 832 but right by the peninsula. There is less traffic that way rather than 832N. Either way, it isn't far at all. Your wife may decide she wants to spend the weekend at Presque Isle when she sees how pretty the beaches,etc are... haha. Have fun!
  11. Thanks for all the info guys, i'm looking forward to seeing everything.
    I'll keep an eye out for some golf courses for ya husky, i'll ask if they mind motorhomes parked on thre greens in the witner. If i find one you have to let me sleep in there for a night when i go up ice fishing next winter.
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    in most cases when the main lake vis to bad to fish you can fish the bay BUT i have been there several times when the bay was as bad as the lake, matter of fact last year the coast guard had to rescue several fisherman from the bay due to the waves swamping and sinking 3 boats thats a day i,ll never forget because i didn,t think the bay would ever get that bad but it does so from that point on i treat the bay with as much respect as i treat the lake, and yes you have trophy smallmouth fishing in the bay as well as the lake.......... :cool: