Presque Isle Tease

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  1. I hear "Yeagermeister" calling our names!

  2. mrphish42

    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    geowol.......Please/Please/Please.....try to control the threads and posts on PI .......It has taken me weeks to get bassmastermjb calm enough (from past things relating to PI) so that I can just carry on a normal conversation with him. Gaddfree, is he ever possessed on that subject......The guy eats/sleeps/talks/thinks/drinks/dreams/slobbers/wheezes/coughs/all thoughts of PI. Crap sake...... his personalized line of sportswear has a "GIANT" PI embroidered on every thing......If it doesn't "ICE UP AT PI" this year.......this guy will never/never make it to next winter...Hell.....He'll be ice fishing down in his basement, in a 2 gal. tub of "BEN AND JERRYS BLUEBERRY/PERCH" ICE CREAM.......... slightly softened.....Any help in this matter (by you or anyone else) will greatly be appreciated ....Just hold off until total ICE UP.....until then........THANKS!!!!!!!! I'll keep the lights on and the door locked.......Jon Sr
  3. mrphish42: A day at Little Punderson may quench ole bassmastermjb's thirst for icing some nice gills. Then, he may quiet down his obsession with PI.
  4. mrphish42

    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    IBJOHN......Yah man......It beginning to show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PS..and that's for everyone......smiles don't last as long and the rain sure as hell doesn't fall upward, as you well know........Jon Sr.
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    Mrphish42 & Icebucketjohn, you guys aren't funny and these shakes I'm having are no joke.Just wait and see, one ice season for those Feb-March Presque Isle SUMO PERCH and you'll know what these shakes are all about.It took a couple years, but at least I've learned to control them during the summer months, somthing you 2 guys won't be able to do.Then we'll see how funny this disease really is...............Mark

    PS...Lucky for you my computer blew up last summer and all my pictures were lost.Otherwise, I'd be able to give you guys instant nightmares.......and a severe case of the shakes.
    If anyone on this site has pictures of the 2+lb perch they've caught at Presque please post them.I could use the therapy.
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    Won't be long now George. Thanks for the added excitement.
  7. jay2k

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    2lb. yellow perch?!! I'd like to see some of those myself! Lets see some pics boys!
  8. bassmastermjb

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    They get even bigger than 2lbs.I've caught them 2 1/2 lbs and was up there a week after a young kid caught a 3lb 1oz perch to set the new PA record.
  9. without pics ... it sounds like another fish story to me. :)
  10. jay2k

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    The PA record for yellow perch is 2lbs. 9oz. It was caught at beltzville lake. The world record is 4lbs. 3oz. Just googled it. I'm not doubting 2 lb'ers, but....
  11. bassmastermjb

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    I just looked it up too.Very strange, I had the Presque Isle newspaper from 3years ago and just reread the article again before throwing it out a couple weeks ago, unless the weight was a misprint.Or the fish was altered in some way for the kid not to be mentioned in the record books.......Mark
  12. Sorry guy's just couldn't be helped
    Mark I know what You're going through man you catch a few of those sumo's and it's all over not to mention all the great gills,bass and steelies

    And I seem to remember that 3 pounder that was in the news paper as well the boy caught
    The jager:eek:
    That wasn't pretty
    Won't be long!!!!!
  13. Lundy

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    Is it still legal to take our 4-wheelers on the ice from the city side?

    Hoping to make it over there in a couple of times this winter.
  14. bassmastermjb

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    That's what I'm talking about !!!!!!!! Instant Woody:eek: .......Thanks Geowol, you made my night.Thats all I needed to see, I'll be there next week. Read from another site the perch were hitting on the NE side of the bay.Gotta go, need to get my perch rigs ready...........Mark
  15. Bassmastermjb...From the looks of those pictures I can see why you or anybody would get the shakes....Any time you can hold a perch in the flat palms of your hands ...have fish sticking out on each side...and space in the middle...That is a hell of a fish...I'm sure she did'nt come straight up when hooked...Has to be fun.....Jim....
  16. Hey POwerstrokin73 are you cleaning those fish in your bathroom?? and why??:D :D