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Presque Isle Tackle Question

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Dixie Chicken, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. Dixie Chicken

    Dixie Chicken I AM THE VOICE OF REASON!

    Planning on making the trip to Presque next week with three other guys. First time there for all of us. What type jigs work, what style color and want type bait. Maggots, Wax or minnows. Any help would be great.
    Thanks Dixie Chicken
  2. Hey man, it's Big Daddy from the sport show...

    Pinmins or small jigs work well, chartruse, silver flake, or orange glow are good place to start, waxworms are the bait of choice, but maggots work too.

    Hope this helps...


  3. Dixie Chicken

    Dixie Chicken I AM THE VOICE OF REASON!

    Thanks Big Daddy.
    It's 5:50 AM and I'm going to meet Stump Jumper for breakfast and then pick up two other guys. We're coming down today to the show. Hope to see you. Hersh has spent the last two days brushing his tooth. Needless to say he's pretty excited.
  4. Dear Dixie........If you are looking for gills, waxworms or maggots on a little bug, teardrop,or jigging spoon. If you want perch, and there are some big ones, I guarantee you that live minnows on just about any type little jig will outfish any other bait by far. My brother caught a 14 incher two weeks ago that was fatter than a bass. The fish in Presque Isle must be gorging themselves on all the smelt! We have been all over the bay, but have had our best luck out in the, whaat we call the saddle area, pretty much straight out from parking lot #4. If you need more info, please e mail me. Good luck!
  5. Sorry I missed you guys at the show, Larry. I was there Saturday. Had an ice tournament Sunday at Mogadore.

    Hey, if you come up to Presque the 19th, give me a call on radio channel 6. We'll be off the second parking lot more than likely. Should be on the ice by 6:30AM.
  6. Dixie Chicken

    Dixie Chicken I AM THE VOICE OF REASON!

    That's Ok we'll hook up this weekend. As far as the radio goes I have two hand held cobra's will that work? We're staying at he El Patio. They're will be four of us. Yes Cingular One Tooth is one of them. He was actually nego. a sponsorship deal with the cell company as a spokesman. Then they found out no one could understand him. I would love to be there by 6:00 but it won't happen. Not with my crew. How late do you guys usually fish? Will you post anything if there's a change due to unsafe ice? Tell Bernie Babb congrats. I know him he belonged to the FHR&RA for a short time. Looking forward to this weekend!
    PS: Great booth at Col. the guys seem like a good group. How'd you get in?
  7. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Larry, you are in just by being a member. The guys there were either the owners group or some of our moderators. All our members are welcome to join in on anything we do. If you ever just want to help out just speak up. This is what we are about. Yes we do have a great group of guys running the show. Hard to believe we can get done all we have with this crew :D I'll see you up there Friday sometime. Look for my truck with the TEAM OGF plates.
  8. Dixie Chicken

    Dixie Chicken I AM THE VOICE OF REASON!

    Thanks Dale. I did enjoy meeting you and the others. I do love this site and am pround to be a member. Plus I love the added info it gives me as a fisherman. I was only teasing BD. He's a class act and I'm glad I found this site.
    Thanks again, sse you this weekend.
  9. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    BD Class? :eek: That's funny!!! He'll kill,me if he catches me! :D
  10. Hey Dale, I can move for a big man...

    Larry, I'll have my hand-held radio on channel 6, plus I'll PM you with my cell number.

    We'll head out of lot #2 on Saturday, Sunday, we'll see.

    We'll probably fish until 4-5pm, then go check in and go drink dinner. LOL.

    Also Larry, we should look into teaming up for a co-sponsored event, OGF and FHR&RA, maybe a perch fry or something....I'll run it by the other guys. Could be a BLAST!!!

    Also, tell Hersh he was on TV 3 again in a story they did about "fake walleye" in restaurants in Cleveland. LOL. I told them he really caught a walleye, but they used teh video of him catching those sheephead. LOL. Just kidding. They used the walleye stuff. LOL.

    Talk to you fellas on Saturday. It's going to get COLD the next few days up there with temps in the low 20's and teens at night, so whatever's wet up there now will be hard and slicker than whale snot come the weekend.

    Later man.
  11. Dixie Chicken

    Dixie Chicken I AM THE VOICE OF REASON!

    The cell would be great. I won't wear it out. Speaking of the Video. Hersh is going to ask you for a copy again. By the way he does monitor this site just doesn't post much (you can guess why). As far as a joint venture with the FHR & RA I'm sure we can do something. We'll have three members there this weekend. Again
    Thanks tons.
  12. We'll talk about it Larry. See you up there.