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Presque Isle Feb. 19+20

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Full_Choke, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. Just made my reservations at the El Patio.
    Im going Fri.,Sat.,Sun.This will be my dad and another guy from north west Ohio first time on Presque.
    Who else is going that weekend.
    Is "catcherman tom" out there???
    Getting close!
  2. Probably drive up Saturday AM and fish 1/2 Sunday. I went last year and was awed! What a natural resource!

    Good Luck and Good Fishing!


  3. Hey Fullchoke, I"m headed up that Thursday night and about 8 of us are staying until Sunday. We'll be staying at the El Patio also. Wish someone would post on the the depth of the water they fish and some of the better type of baits. lso does anyone know of a local bait store there or would it be better to bring our own live bait?
  4. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member


    There are a couple of baitstores just as you enter the park area on the right side. One is always open early and has all types of bait and ice fishing supplies.

    It will take less than 5 min from the el patio to the park entrance. The bait store is in between the hotel and the entrance.

    The water depths will vary from 4-5 ft down to 10' where we fished last year. The entire bay seems to be about the same all over. Last year there was no real difference where you fished or what depth you fished, all were productive. Most of the fisherman were going out from the 1st and 4th lot last year. It will be easy to find the areas that have been working recently, just look for the packs of shanties.

    The same baits that you use at Indian will work well on the panfish in Presque. I used a small jigging spoon tipped with spikes or waxworms alot, but I was watching the fish on the camera.

    Good luck, I haven't heard many good reports from there yet this year.

    Any indian reports????

  5. Waxworms on a pinmin or a tipped Swedish Pimple(the LITTLE ones)always seemed to produce best up there. My favorite colors were orange and white or blue and white, but they'll hit about anything if you get them in a biting mood.

    I have seen reports of guys fishing the 1st and 2nd parking lots, and Misery Bay. The reports have varied, with the best being a limit of gills(50) and a few perch, mostly small ones, mixed in.

    I am heading up there Saturday morning with my son and a few other guys from the SSA. I'll be in the new Frabill Ice Cruiser 200, probably up on Misery Bay.

  6. Thanks for the info Lundy. I have 4 small rods that I use for IL, the ones with plastic reels. They work good at IL because we usually only fish in 4' water. Sounds like I need to get another spinning reel, I have a couple of spinning reels and was wondering if I should get another one.

    As for IL, I've been in Virginia for a week and haven't been over to IL. We are headed to IL Sat and Sun. I'll let you know how we do.
  7. I just called the Pa. DNR and they said that you can use up to 5 tip ups or a combination of tip ups and poles as long as it doesn't go over 5. Alos they said there was goingto be an ice fishing clinic Feb. 20th at the Pavilion from 11:30 to 4:00 pm.
    Here is a report I got from

    WCO/DWCO Update

    January 26, 2005


    Western Erie County
    submitted by
    DWCO Randy Leighton / WCO Brook Tolbert


    Along with most of the Northeast part of the country, Erie has finally been able to dig out from the recent snowstorms that pounded the area. Cold temperatures continue to strengthen the already formed ice on most of the areas waters although much of the ice is still unstable and in some areas the ice is still relatively thin. Presque Isle Bay remains ice covered with reports on thickness from 4 to 5" in most areas. Some areas in the center of the Bay remain thin and there is still slush in some areas. Anglers are reminded that the heavy snow cover can make ice thickness deceiving and caution is still advised. Anglers coming off the Bay this past weekend reported moderate catches of perch although bluegills and smelt seemed to be plentiful. There were no complaints though; just being able to finally do a little hardwater fishing seemed to be enough to bring out the smiles.
  8. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    I'm going to be up there Sat. and Sunday along with RedRanger520. We also are staying at the El Patio.

    -if you have a FRS radio, bring it along.
  9. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    with steelhead1 things are still up in the air (got to pass it by the warden ;) ) planing on being up their sat morning and leaving sun afternoon what does a 2 day trip normaly cost up their i think the rooms were 50 bucks -10% for fishermen + licens + bait + dinner + gas + you think a 100 bucks a guy should cover it ?????? i know it is about 110 miles from my house is the fastest way to get their up around cleveland then out through astubula??? ..........thanks for the replys........jim
  10. Are you still thinking of taking a machine out from the city side?
  11. I'll be headed up there on the 19th. I'm taking my dad he's never been ice fishing before and it sounds like a good place to get him hooked on it. Reserved my room at the El Patio today. I'm new to this website and am looking forward to meeting some new people and catching a bunch of fish.
  12. Maybe we can make it, where is this hard body of water at? Been catching alot of bluegills and catfish on private ponds around toledo. The jammin jigs are working great! Any walleye at this spot? :D
  13. I should be there, if conditions are rough, I"ll be in a red and gray home made 2 man shanty with an Ohio State pennant attached to it
  14. Erie Pa.
    Walleye, yes so I've heard, alltough I have yet to get one.
  15. Thanks, but I think we might have safe ice soon on the reefs here so gonna keep people posted on the '' HAUG BITE'' . Good luck and try the swedish pimple tipped with a fat minnow for the walleye.