Presque Isle Bay 2/21/08

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  1. Well, Prez and I hit Misery Bay today. Fishing was on the tough side. Chaunc, I thought I heard you talking about your steelhead. I tried to call you too, but no signal... Nice steelie. Saw CHOPIQ, his brother, and friend up there. John had a steelie too. I saw 3 caught. One guy near us with a camera said he saw crappies cruising by all day, but only caught a few.

    Stayed in the same spot all day. Marked a TON of fish, but I think the full moon and clear skies last night turned them negative. We still managed 34 nice gills and one perch. We caught between 50 and 60 fish total. A few times, the Vexilar was lit up from 2 ft down to the bottom. We were fishing in 9 ft of water.

    Heading back up Saturday AM to spend the day on the ice with Nick.

    Here are some pics....



  2. Perchy101

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    Thanks for the update..... Nice lookin fish.

  3. Main bay ice was NASTY looking. Did see a few guys off Lot #2 but didn't hear anything good from there as far as fishing.

    There was 4-5 inches on Misery and it was growing nicely.:)

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    Your making me home sick Carl. Looks like it was a great time as usual. Thanks for the pictures.
  5. chaunc

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    Thats my blue shanty in this picture. Nice pile of fish. I was in 10 ft, with weeds up 2 feet. Lot of marks too but the fish didn't start biting for me til i chummed my hole with steelie eggs. :D