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Presque Isle 2-18-05

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Reel Thing, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. The ice is in good shape 5-7 " in the places I fished today
    Went out from lot #4 the bank ice is bad about 3-4ft off shore after that no problem
    Misery bay looked ok at the head there was 1 shanty
    open water at the creek coming in to misery and open water outside of misery in the bay all the way across
    Most of the snow seemed to be towards I90 the lake wasnt that bad with snow but its still snowing and the wind has died a little
    With the wind blowing didnt get to move around much
    Fished off the yacht club caught a couple of keeper perch and right off of lot 4 about .30 of a mile caught a couple of keeper perch and several smelt and gills
    Caught several dinks both places Didnt mess with the gills off of lot2 but there were several shanties in that area.
    It was one of those days
    Does anyone know if there is a magnetic field around ice holes it just seems that anything you drop in the shanty no matterhow far away from the hole it ends up in the water for example my radio I dropped in the back of the shanty it hits the floor and its in the water un$#&^%$# believable
    But I have another be on 6-0 on saturday
    Be safe GOOD LUCK
  2. A friend from Erie said he has been catching allot of largemouth bass lately and as of 2 days ago they have been killing the jumbo perch. he said it's a long walk but they're catching them in the middle of the bay.