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Presque Isle 12-27

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by bassmastermjb, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. bassmastermjb

    bassmastermjb The Lucky One

    Fished the bay from 7:00am till 1:00pm looking for the jumbo perch.Went out about 1/4 mile off lot #2 in 12ft of water.Managed only a couple really nice fish in the 12"-13" range and many 6"-8" dinks.Moved to the shallows about 10am and managed 30 decent gills.Totaled about 70 fish, which is not a banner day at Presque.The ice was a solid 5" and clear.The fishing should be much better later in the week.FYI: The new PA fishing licenses are $52.00 with an additional $8.00 Lake Erie fee.Trout stamps are $8.00.If the Erie fee and trout stamp are purchased at the same time the fee will be $14.00.The new licenses are not in yet, so you do not need a license for the remainder of this year, even if a 2004 license was not purchased.The gentleman at Hansen's Bait will give you a written notice from the state, which would act as a voucher if you were approached by the game warden.Good fishing to all as the ice season is starting to take off!!!
  2. Anyone up for a road trip?


  3. What's best to use up there for the perch? Minnows, wax worms, jigs? Might give it a try this week.
  4. Wannabitawerm

    Wannabitawerm Flatulent Entreprenuer

    PapaScott, check your PM's
  5. I am planning on going up there thursday am early, when was you planning on going. Give me a call Greg 330-807-7503
  6. My dad and I will be going up Wednesday morning, spending the night up there, fishing some Thursday then heading home. We'll have to see who all's going up there and meet some place.
  7. bassmastermjb

    bassmastermjb The Lucky One

    The perch will bite on just about anything.What worked best for me was hair jigs tipped with minnows and ice ants loaded with maggots.You can catch the perch anywhere in the bay, but most people prefer to fish the channel out in the middle.There is alot of cabbage weeds in the shallows that reach to 3'-4' below the ice and grow 3'-5' high.This makes most people search for other areas.I fish these areas and will catch just as many perch as the people who make the walk out to the middle.All you need is a heavier jig, no splitshots because they will get hung up on the weeds, and work the jig through the cabbage to the bottom.Jigging spoons also work well as long as they are tappered and fall vertically and not flutter sideways.I'll be going up again this week.Check with the local baitshops before you go up to make sure this warm spell doesn't make for unsafe conditions....BAC Bait Stand 814-838-2850, Hansen's Bait Stand 814-838-1642 or Poor Richard's Bait And Tackle 814-474-5623
  8. does that mean that we dont have to pay anyting to fish their just get the note
  9. i mean we dont have to pay for a licens just get the note for now
  10. bassmastermjb

    bassmastermjb The Lucky One

    that is correct.You do not need a license to fish in PA for the remainder of this year.The Gentleman at Hansen's Bait has the documentation.
  11. cw261

    cw261 Member

    I called earlier this morning and got the same information - thanks for the information bassmastermjb! Hansen's bait opens at 6 am.
  12. Lewis


    Does Penn. offer a cheaper license for a shorter time period??
    1day...7day etc??
  13. cw261

    cw261 Member

    You can find the information online at - it did not copy too well, but you can get a 3 day for $26, 7 day for $34. Probably still an extra $8 though for the erie permit for Presque.

    3. How much does a license cost? What types of licenses are available?
    Type of License Age Cost Agent Fee Total
    Resident 16 - 64 $21.00 $1.00 $22.00
    Senior Resident 65 & up 10.00 1.00 11.00
    Senior Resident - Lifetime 65 & up 50.00 1.00 51.00
    One-Day Resident (not valid April 1-30) 16 & up 10.00 1.00 11.00
    Non-Resident 16 & up 51.00 1.00 52.00
    Seven-Day Tourist 16 & up 33.00 1.00 34.00
    Three-Day Tourist 16 & up 25.00 1.00 26.00
    Trout/Salmon Stamp 16 & up 8.00 1.00 9.00
    Lake Erie Permit 16 & up 8.00 1.00 9.00
    Combination Trout-Salmon/Lake Erie Permit 16 & up 14.00 1.00 15.00
  14. going thursday am for sure PM me and let me know if any of you are going, and maybe we will meet on the ice . Hey big Daddy time for a day away from work.LOL give me a call if you want to go thursday.
  15. Oh well just found out that I have a property closing on thurs so if I go it will be after new years.

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