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Presque Isle 12-22/23

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by fisherman261, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. Got to Presque Isle around 10 am and walked out 1/2 mile from the second parking lot to see if we could find some perch. Fished in 14-15 FOW and only got 1 keeper out of 20 or so fish. Moved around and still couldn't find any so we moved in to get some gills. Fished in the weeds in 7 FOW and started pulling fish left and right. Stayed in the same spot for the rest of the day and caught over 100 fish, kept 24 gills and the one perch for the fryer.

    Got out in the morning around 8:00 and decided to walk out even farther (6/10 mile) to look some more for the perch and still had no luck. Again caught 1 keeper out of 20 fish. So again we decided to end the day in close with some gills, and caught 30 in the hour we fished. Left the park around 1 to make the long drive back to Akron.

    This is definitely a superb fishery. The only part I was disappointed in was not being able to find some decent perch. Never did see any crappie either. Still made for a great trip.
  2. Now thats a happy ending...
    THANKS for the report(s)