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  1. anyone here going wedesday night? i got lawn seats. tony stewart is trying to get a cup dirt race added to the schedule at Eldora. that would be freakin SWEET.
  2. I'm not going but my brother has a concession stand there. He sells funnel cakes and lemon shake ups. I never heard of it before, but he told me about it this weekend. Sounds like alot of big name racers are goingto be there.

  3. Do you have any details on this? All I can find is that it is on HBO. Tickets still available? My girlfriend is a huge Tony Stewart fan.
  4. Just type it in and read on.
  5. Nick Tony owns this track. He is usually at all the big races up there. Take her up to the Kings Royal in July. Its a WOO event and he is there both nights working plus its a killer race and facility.
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    If there are any tickets still available you can reserve them by phone at this point.

    Couple days ago the said they have about 500 left.
  7. I did end up finding info.

    Tickets are $23 each. Not sure if they are still available but even then its to late to buy tickets and take tomorrow off work to make the 3.5 hour drive out there. I'm definitely wanting to get there next year or like you said Squid take her up there sometime this year when he might be up there. If there was a way to get her his autograph or her to meet him I would get MAJOR brownie points!!!
  8. carl edwards one. tony had a DNF at his track.
  9. if youve never seen dirt late models, sprints, or modifieds on dirt trust me eldora will hook u on dirt racing this weekend there holding The Dream which is what the Nextel Prelude to The Dream is named after which is $100,000 grand to win Dirt Late Model Race, well over 100+ Dirt late Models will attend this event alone over 2 nights of racing, if uve never seen them race its balls to the wall, 800+hp cars that basicly drive on 3 wheels most of the time and in the corners they slide through with the left front in the air, it is a site to see and would hook anyone to dirt racing once they saw it, i usually go up to eldora atleast 4-5 times a year being i live in dayton, but The Prelude, The Dream, The World 100, Kings Royal, Mopar Thunder and a few other races at Eldora are major events and if uve been to nascar and seen the crowds there well wed night they packed over 20,000 people into the track.
  10. yep. i would rather watch dirt racing than nascar. i will be back up there this weekend. and for the old spice summer sizzle and the world 100.kenseth had the best block on gordon i have ever seen on dirt.newman got in to awesome bill and bill got upside down. DW drove the water truck. and they had a tribute to benny parsons. DW drove and old dirt car around the track that BP drove at eldora in the 1970's. now they only need to direct traffic going out. took us 2 hours to get out.
  11. iam20fan def on the dirt racing over nascar, have u been down to moler raceway park yet, it just opened like 3 weeks ago brand new track heard its really nice place, ima try and make it up for the world this year and hopefully get the wife up for the kings royal, all depends on how fishing is LOL.
  12. Nope never been. i have been to limaland,eldora, amd K.C. raceway in chilicothe and perry county speedway in hazrad,Ky
  13. florence is pretty good track to hit and union county speedway just straight out 725 in indiana havnt been to kc although i wanna go there and prp, and wanna go to limaland but my racin buddy moved to louisiana 5 years ago.
  14. been to the dream 1 time kings royal 3 times and many other races up there huge place really nice and the prices are reasonable. i live just down the road from KC raceway in chillicothe and its a pretty good track to really fast for 3/8s mile track