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Pre-hawgfest Meet And Greet

Discussion in 'Vermilion Hawg Fest' started by Big Daddy, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. OK, all you Vermilion Hawgfest fishers out there... This is going to be special.



    WHEN: SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2007 7PM til Chris throws you out

    Here's the deal gang... Chris McKimm, owner of "The Brewkettle" restaurant and microbrewery, has GRACIOUSLY invited us to stop by his place for an evening of great food, awesome hand crafted beers, and entertainment in the form of music by Blues guitarist Austin "WALKIN" Cane. Chris is one of our members here on OGF, his screen name is "brewkettle", and he's also fishing in the tournament. I met him at the "Inside the Great Outdoors" listener appreciation night he had a few months back, and all I can say is the food AND the beer was absolutely unreal. Chris and his people are GREAT hosts.

    He also tells me that there will be appetizers as well as BEER SAMPLES available, but he asks we give him a head count, so we don't overwhelm.

    We can sit around and share stories of hawgfests past, discuss this year's Lake Erie fishing, talk smack, or just sit around and eat, drink, and have fun.

    I hope to see you there on Saturday, September 15.

    To check out the place and all that Chris has going on, visit

    REMEMBER! Post here if you're going so Chris can get an idea of how many folks will be there.
  2. Carl, I'll be there. I don't drink, but I do like to eat.

  3. Are bass anglers welcomed???;)

    After some sampling of the stews I may try to get a smallie sidepot going...

    Hope to make it out BigD- even if they got teeth!

  4. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    My wife and I have a big "out of state relatives" day going that day, but its looking like we/ I can make it also.
    I hope so, it sounds like a cool place, and I like how the owner has been very accomodating.
  5. OK Jim and Rory! You're both IN!!!

    I fished with Chris (brewkettle) today and he'll be ready!

    Man, the wings are AWESOME!!!!
  6. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Gonna do my best to be there too!
  7. Goin to Try making It as well
  8. I'm not fishing the HawgFest But I am going to it, but ya I'll head over there.

    I'll be out fishing that day (as I have been everyday) I'll just hit Wallace Lake or Coe Lake since there close to the BrewKettle, then head over there For some fine hand crafted beer and wings. ~SW aka. ~Jim

    maybe I'll let Big Daddy sign one of my poles ;)