Prayers for Woody

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  1. Hey all, some of you met us at the OGF outing this year, some know us from just talking online and some from meeting in person.

    This is Connie the better 1/2 of woodysoutdoors LOL! I was wondering if you could just keep Woody in your prayers. He was stupid and ignored his (very intelligent wife, LOL!) and did something that was stupid and got hurt. Woody was cutting plywood with a circular saw and no goggles. Hmm I told him to wear some or at least wear sunglasses. Anyway, the saw blew the sawdust back into his eye. We spent a few hours in 1st care and they said he cut his cornia (sp). He has a patch, antibiotics that I put in his eye 3-4 times a day and is on codine (sp) for pain. He sees a specialist this morning so I am hoping they can help him. I want him to get better and goodness knows I need him to get well before work on sunday.

    Thank you!
  2. Been there, done that. Hurts like crazy. It will heal OK. You did the right thing getting medical attention.

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    Ol' Whiskers said it. I've done the same also. I don't know about Sunday, it depends how badly its damaged.

    We'll be praying. ;)
  4. I used to be a lot more careless when I was younger and I ended up with a few incidents similar to that although only one resulted in medical care. It is amazing how your eyes don't seem to have much feeling to them until you really hurt something and they have some major pain.:eek: Hopefully the medical attention he got will have him back in order.

    I had to go in twice to get splinters of wood removed that had penetrated completely into the cornea. They didn't get it the first time so they had to do it again. This was a minor surgery under anesthesia as an out-patient. So you can say I learned my lesson.

    If he don't listen to his wife then tell him he better listen to all of his hundreds of OGF folks who are saying,

    Next time wear your safety glasses!!!:D:D
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  5. been there done that. Your cornea repairs itself extremely fast so everything should be o.k. Best of luck to him.
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    We're praying for him also. Hubby is a welder and has a few times had small steel pieces get stuck in his eyes. They have to get these out as soon as possible cause they start to rust. So we hope hes better soon :) WB
  7. I hope Woody's eye heals up OK. Lots of folks are pulling for him.
  8. Lewis


    I work in a machine shop.
    I am very strict about wearing my safety glasses but I still managed to get a couple slivers of steel in the eyes over the years.Its no fun.
    Get well soon.
  9. Hey all Thanks for all the support and prayers. Woody is doing better. He has some bluriness but is much better. Dr. says he will be ok. Yeah he can work sunday but says he'd rather be fishing.