Prayers for my son

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  1. I was wondering if you all could say a prayer for my son Steven. he got hurt at work yesterday about 1pm. 2nd degree burns. He did not know any better. He should have left work and got right to the hospital. His boss did not send him either. I am very upset over this. He waited 4 hours before going to the hospital.

    He went to the ER after 5pm last night. He has checmical burns from wrist to elbow on his right arm. He is only 17 yrs old. I understand his work as a welder/laborer is a dangerous job. He works for an oil company. I understand he wants to do this type of work and that someone has to but I worry about him.

    Pray that he will be okay and that his arm heals quickly.

    Thank you,
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    Just sent a prayer up for you. Hope your son recovers quickly.

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    Our prayers are with you Connie, I did enough of that burn thing also in the past.
  5. done done and done!!! i hope hes ok.
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    Sent! Hope for a speedy recovery! Keep us informed.
  7. Like wise. Hope everything turns out OK.
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    Heal soon! Our prayers are with you.
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    god be with him, and you.

    God bless

  10. On the way. I wish him a speedy recovery.
  11. prays sent up, believe and have faith. he is the GREAT PHYSICIAN. looking forward to good reports back.
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    We send out our prayers. My newphew had 2nd degree burns 2 years ago. Can never tell he got burned now and he had 1st and 2nd degree burns on his face and arms. It's amazing what they can do.
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    Prayers on the way.
    I have had a couple bad burns,so I know what pain he was in.
    Take Care.
  14. I wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.
  15. Prayers on the way Connie for a fast and full recovery! I am a former firefighter/E.M.T. and I can tell you that these types of injuries are nothing to fool with. Keep on him when it comes to any physical therapy if needed!
  16. Hope all goes well. Thoughts with son and family.
  17. My hope, thoughts and prayers are with him.

    Without a doubt whatsoever, there must have been a guardian angel watching over him; otherwise, it could've been much worse.
  18. Are prayers are with your son and your family. We pray for a speedy recovery.
  19. Prayers are sent. Get well soon.
  20. All The Best and Parayers sent. get well Soon!