Prayers for me- I hate to ask

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  1. I hate to ask for prayers for myself but I have been in pain for 4 days and decided to go to the dr today. My apt is this afternoon. they are booked so just fitting me in. They suspect gall bladder. Lets hope it's not and that it's nothing.

    I'd appreciate prayers because I know they work. God healed my 7 yr old daughter. He rid her body of cancer.

    Thank you in advacne.
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    Connie, we're praying for you here. I know of 2 people in the last year that had to have their gall bladder removed and it wasn't that bad of a surgrey, and I also know that God answers prayers and that miracles still happen, my hubby is one of them :) WB

  3. Good luck are in or prayers.

    Mike & Debbie
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    Best wishes to you from my family.
  5. TY all for your support. I am just terrified!!! I just got home from the dr and he says most likely I need surgery. They will do an ultra sound tomorrow morning.

    Not only am I upset about this but my husband is on vacation and we have early muzzle loader season this coming week. Those plans will be ruined. My husband is such a good man, we have planned this vacation and now I have to go and ruin it. I told him he can still go out while I recover.
  6. he'll understand....i've been there done that with my wife... thats what hubby is for... :) she had a ton of surgeries and i've stuck with her...just when you get back on your feet (and you WILL) just let him have fun for a will go a long way...god bless.
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    My prayers are with you and your family little lady. Just hang in there. Hunting season will be here the same time next year. First things first.
  8. Prayers will be with you through out this thing. You have a lot of support. Chin up.
  9. You are in our prayers ! ! ! !
  10. My mother and brother both had their gall bladders removed they were back to normal in two or three days,they just couldn't do any heavy lifting for awhile, my brother said the recovery hurt much less than the pain from his gall bladder
  11. Good Luck and God Bless you are in all of our prayers!!
  12. prayers going out
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    We will also be praying for you and your family.
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    Hope its nothing, you in my prayers.
  15. God bless you Connie.

    I'm sure it will be ok. My sister-in-law recently went through this with three wild boys (ok my two nephews and her husband - my brother). She was up and fine in a day or two. It was tough on her husband..he had to make his own sandwiches for two entire days. Oh the humanity.

    All joking aside you are in my prayers.
  16. LOL! I know what you mean about having to make his own sandwhiches. My husband works very hard so I can go to college (15 classes till grad, yeah). anyway, he works hard and I get to stay home and care for the children and him. Which by the way are his step children and he and I are only together 2 yrs. What a man to put up with us. Anyway, he is a man who will work 2 jobs before I have to work. So seing as he cares for me that way I care for him by me setting his clothes out, fixing his meals, including his bucket for work, and care for the house, etc. As most men he does require a lot of care, LOL! but he so deserves it.

    So, if he has to fix his own food, oh my that will be rough. When I met him the only thing he had in his fridge was beer deer and fish and the only thing edible was the beer. LMAO!

    Thanks for all the support. I'll keep you posted.
  17. "As most men he does require a lot of care, LOL! but he so deserves it."

    You gotta be careful with all that care. Because we men forget how to do things we did before the wife came along.

    A friend's wife explained to me that once every six months she makes her husband pay all the bills. Just so he understands what would have to be done if she wasn't there. She recently had a long choir practice at church on a Saturday night and came home at 10 pm to find her husband and two hungry stepchildren waiting for her to get make them sandwiches. They sat around hungry for a couple of hours. Knowing my friend I laughed. He's very traditional and focuses on caring for the cows and horses around the farm while she runs the house. But his wife frets that she can never get sick, go visit her family,etc because he will starve to death. In most cases we men would do fine. But my friend Ray and my brother..probably starvation for both.
  18. I just had mine out in July. After 2 days of laying around I was ready to go but doc still gave me 3 weeks off from work. The vicodin will help the first 2 days after that it's all uphill. 5 small incisions and hardly any scarring. It's a piece of cake any more. Good Luck to you. Don't over do it to quick or your recovery will take longer.....:)
  19. Hello all, Great news! My ultra sound came back good. No gall stones or gall bladder issues. ok so the pain went away after 4 days. (basically right after my ultrasound was over the pain was gone. Just like that.) I say god healed me. Others might not agree but I sure had a lot of people praying for me.

    Dr wanted to do invasive tests but I said I am ok. So he says lets wait then and see if the pain comes back. If it does then we'll do more tests.

    Thank you everyone for the support.