Prayers for Hannah - pneumonia

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by woodysoutdoors, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Seems like I've been posting a lot of prayer requests lately but if you could all add one more I'd really appreciate it. My 7 yr old Hannah - has pneumonia. Hannah is a 3 1/2 year cancer survivor.

    She will have more scans and tests in June or July. Please pray for her to get well and to pass all her exams with flying colors.

    Thank you in advance for your prayers.

  2. Marshall

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    I hope everything goes well. Sounds like she has been through a lot. Prayers sent.

  3. DaleM

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    Woody, I'll be sure and include her. Lets hope she has a great report.
  4. It seems like I am going to have to start a list for all that I know that need prayers right now, I don't want to forget anyone. Hannah is on the list.
  5. Hannah is certainly on my prayer list.
    God Bless,
  6. Toxic

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    Most certainly! Hope she gets better soon.
  7. I hope she gets to feeling better soon. She's on my prayer list.

  8. Prayers have been spoken. God bless you and your family.....
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    Wishing for only the best for her!
  11. She is definitely in our prayers....
  12. Thank you...for making your request here. Hannah and her family are in my prayers.
  13. Add one more family to the prayert list.
  14. Toxic

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    Connie, any updates?