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Prayer Request

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by DavidWS10, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. DavidWS10

    DavidWS10 Bankless Boat Trash

    I don't normally do this, but I'm asking for everyone's prayers for my mother and the rest of my family. Yesterday afternoon, my mother was hospitalized. The doctors do not yet know what is wrong with her. She was complaining of a severe headache, nausea, spinal pain and aching muscles. So far they have run a bunch of blood tests (yesterday evening), and a CT Scan this afternoon. The docs refuse to rule out anything, or to speculate on what may be wrong. The symptoms she has been exhibiting could be caused by anything from an unseasonable case of the flu, to meningitis, to west nile virus. When I was down in Mississippi over the Labor Day weekend, she was fine, although her sister was in the hospital with pnuemonia. So, until I know something more, I'm postponing the work on my boat indefinitely.
  2. Hang in there man. We'll all be pulling for her and a speedy recovery.



    i will keep you and your family in my prayers
  4. catking

    catking Banned

    Keep us informed David ;) . Good Luck !!! CATKING :)
  5. fishcrazy

    fishcrazy Muskie Chaser

    There on the way David.
  6. You got it. Hang in there david.
  7. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family.
  8. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    My prayers are with your family.
  9. David,
    i hate to hear this but keep your head up...they can do wonders with medicine
    my prayers are with you and your family..if you need anything you have my #
  10. We are praying for a speedy recoverey,be strong David daryl
  11. Tee

    Tee Team OGF

    Hang in there David. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  12. Our thoughts and prayers out to your family.
  13. Dave dont ever be shy about asking for a prayer it cant be a strong.
    Keep thinking positive and we will all pray for you and your family.

    Keep us informed
  14. DavidWS10

    DavidWS10 Bankless Boat Trash

    Thank you for the kind words and prayers everyone. Prayer is such a strong thing, and all too often we neglect that route.

    Anyways, my mom, exerted her will over the doctor's and left the hospital yesterday, although nobody knows what exactly is wrong with her. She didn't want to stay "in that lonely hospital room til Friday," by herself while Dad was home dealing with Hurricane Ivan. Mom and Dad live near Meridian, Mississippi, so they didn't take a direct hit from the hurricane (THANKFULLY). I hope to hear from them later today.

    Now has anyone ever had "One of those weeks?" I did this week. Mom was put into the hospital Monday, Hurricane Ivan is pounding the Gulf Coast, and yesterday at lunch time, I was involved in a traffic accident.

    For lunch yesterday, one of my coworkers and I went down the street to a little grocery store and bought some stuff to eat back in our lunch room. When we returned to our store, I had to wait for oncoming traffic to clear before I could make a left turn into our parking lot. While sitting there, dead-stopped, waiting to make my left turn, a young lady driving a minivan plowed into the back of my Explorer. Eyewitnesses said she was talking on her cell phone and never hit the brakes before she hit me. They estimated her speed near 40 mph, and this stretch of Richardson Rd. in Florence, KY has a posted speed limit of 30 mph. Needless to say, I am very sore this morning. The damage to my Explorer is limited to needing a new trailer hitch, a new bumper, replacing a plastic panel on the right-rear quarter panel, and repairing a terrible rattle underneathe my truck. The damage to her minivan, however, will probably cause her insurance company to total her vehicle. When it was loaded onto the roll-back wrecker, it was leaking both anti-freeze and motor oil, all of her front bumper and grill was laying in the street, her airbag was deployed, and the front fender sheet metal was all crumpled and rubbing on the tires. When my co-worker and I got out of my truck, both of us expected to see the back-end of my truck destroyed. But if it wasn't for the bumper and trailer hitch being bent, you wouldn't be able to tell my truck had even been hit. God was definitely watching over me. But anyways, so much for my woes.
  15. DavidWS10

    DavidWS10 Bankless Boat Trash

    Here's a crummy update about my accident yesterday. My insurance company just called me and told me that the girl who hit me didn't have any insurance. She lied to me and the police. This is going to get ugly.
  16. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    I don't know what the law in Kentucky is on uninsured drivers, but I'd hate to be her right now.
  17. catking

    catking Banned

    JEEZE US David.......... I feel for you guy ;) Hopefully Ivan didn't tear up the folks place to bad, and your mom gets better. As far as the accident goes, usually people that drive without insurance, have little to lose. You insurance company will wind up paying for your truck, and there really is little anybody can or will do. That sucks I know, but been there done that. Sure , the girl will get in some trouble, but like I was told one time, you can't get water out of a rock :rolleyes: .Florida has a " No Fault" insurance thing. You pay for your own car, even if it is somebodies elses fault. They then, have to pay for their car themselves also. I think this leads to more " non insured " drivers on the road....... The only thing that can be done is stiffer penalties top those who sign their names stating they have insurance. Jail time? Not out of the question. But it still doesn't help out the people who get hit . Side note- they need to do away with the cell phones while driving. This was bad from the get go. Some states have, and I feel all will do so, and SHOULD. Whats next? Little TV's in the steering colum :rolleyes: .DA KING !!!
  18. skipjack11

    skipjack11 retread member

    Sorry to hear that Dave. Keep us informed.
  19. LakeRaider

    LakeRaider EEEEEK!

    Hope your ok. I went thru the uninsured motorist deal when the guy blasted my Vette. Then disappeared. Only thing I ended up with was higher rates (and we had uninsured motorist) Hope your mom is doing better. We can fix your boat anytime your ready! Take care of the other stuff first. Todd