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  1. I just wanted to put it out there that I need help, serious help. I decided that I, Mr. Mechanically Stoopid, will try and re-wire my boat. After my apparent victory over the swingaway tongue, I decided I was brave enough to attempt re-wiring the boat. Any advice would be appreciated, and if yopu hear someone screaming obscenities near BPS in would have to be me and I apologize in advance.

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    one wire at a time
    good luck you will probably need it they can be a nightmare!

  3. Unless things are dead it would be a better winter project.

    Disconnect battery first.

    If you don't have a diagram get one on line.

    Make a complete diagram of everything including color codes, sizes, etc. before any wire removal. The memory never works 100%.

    Use water, fuel resistant replacement wire.

    People who pray are not supposed to scream obscenities.

    Good luck.

  4. Reel has some good points. I went a step further when I restored the interior of my boat last winter and replaced all connectors with heat shrink connectors to help keep moisture out of the wire. If you get moisture in there you will get what they call a cappilary effect. Basically the water will "wick" up the wire under the insulation and start to corrode/rott the wire. Also you'd be lucky to get all the colors of wire that the factory put in the boat (red, black, gray, brown, brown/wt tracer, blue, purple, orange, etc... So some way to label the circuits would come in real handy. One other thing, in case you didn't already know, NEVER ground to the hull. All grounds run back to your distribution panel (fuse/breaker block) in one way or another then to the negative terminal of the battery. I too would recomend this as a winter project unless it cannot wait. There's alot of wire run in places you can't always get to very easily (under gunnels and flooring).

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    Warpath take your time and calm down its not that bad if you need some help pm me.
  6. You'll probably need a wire cutter!

    Just kiddin'
    Good Luck
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    Use tinned marine wire and seal all your splices. Wiring almost always turns into a disaster pretty quickly from what I have seen- I am guilty of skimping myself.

    Do the job the right way the first time and you won't have to fix it again down the road.

  8. I definitely need a new pair of wire cutters. Mine STINK!!!!!!

    I will say the gutting part of it went really well. I started to rewire it, but thought I'd wait for my wife to get home for another pair of hands. I only really need to re-wire the bilge, livewell and the bow and stern lights to fish it this weekend. The rest (fishfinders and all that stuff) can wait. I don't know how to use it anyhow. :C