Pranks needed.

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  1. In a couple of weeks I'm taking two of my customers grouse hunting in Wisconsin. We'll be up there five days, staying at a lodge. Both these guys are from the South and are a real pair of jokers. I need to come up with a handful of good pranks to play on them.

    So far I have loaded up some "special" shells where I replaced the 7-1/2 shot with baby powder. Chances are they were going to miss that first grouse anyhow.

    Anybody have some other good suggestions?
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  3. BOOM!!!!!!
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    At the campfire (dim light) don't forget to also pass around the Nestle' Crunch bar (Exlax actually). :eek: :D
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    Get yourself a remote controlled cd player. Sit it off in the woods 25 yards or so from your campfire and when things are winding down for the night click play and have a little banjo music start playing.... Just like the music from Deliverance!:p

    Well wait a second, I just re-read your post. It says your customers are from the South? They may feel right at home and start looking at you with "lusty eyes"!:D !@ :eek:
  6. I saw one on a hunting show one time that was really funny - they took an antler shed, and tied some fishing line to it and then to a furry when the guy lifted the shed, this furry thing came up with it and he freaked out! It was hilarious!
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    I have heard some stories of special shells on grouse trips, only my uncle loaded them with just enough powder to go "pop"
  8. Fill his underwear with stage blood while he is sleeping.
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    If you have never lived down south, you would not understand Snipe Hunting. It probably wouldn't work on them unless they are city guys. Have them stand on a game trail at night with a bag to catch the Snipe. They have to whistle and sing "hear Snipey snipey" in order to attract them. In the meantime, you can get away with anything you want to do.
  10. I've spent many hours in search of the elusive snipe.
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    I remember a Commander form a previous base that would get a picture of a newcomer's wife to break the ice. When the new guy would arrive, he would see his wife's picture there on his bookshelf.

    Other suggestions. You could put sugar in their beds. When they sweat, the sugar will stick to their bodies and make them itchy. Or try short sheeting their beds.
  12. It seems like once every season, my buddies have to jump one while I am taking a's funny though, I never see the bird go, and I always piss all over myself when the gun goes off....i think they might be just messing with me.... :confused: I just make sure I'm not the first one to take a leak anymore, because that's the first prank of every season.
  13. The best one is to get 2 catsup
    pakages from your favorite
    drive-thru, roll one end up a little
    so there is some pressure in it
    and tape it so it does not unroll,
    then tape it to the bumpers on
    the underside of a toilet seat and
    gently lower the lid closed. I am
    sure that someone will need the
    facility early in the a.m. Just sit back and listen, yet be prepared
    to run, and run laughing. I had a
    pal who really thought he was going to die as he tried to clean up and smelled the catsup. Oh
    by the way place the untaped
    end inward and start a little tear
    in the sealed edge to insure it
    will pop.
  14. That's funny right there BtweenShots!!!!!

    I'll have to try that at deer camp this year............HAHA!!!!
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    Try the same with fire sauce from Taco Bell. It'll burn like hell on certain tender areas. :D
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    Saran wrap under the toilet seat = ENTERTAINMENT!
  17. Rubber snakes. Hide more than one so one is VERY obvious... the second or third will really get 'em...
  18. Thanks guys. That's a good start. I'm getting there one day before they do, so I can plant some things on the trail.

    I might combine the shed antler with a rubber snake...

    I'm going to make a decoy of a standing grouse and plant it 10 feet off the trail under a balsam. We'll see if anyone pops it.

    These guys are avid hunters. They've taken their fair share of people on snipe hunts.
  19. You better be careful. If they're shootin people on snipes hunts and you're the prankster on a grouse hunt, may I suggest a flack jacket. !% :D
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    When I was in the service I got our squadrons MC good. take a long nytie (nylon tie, ziptie or whatever you call them) and put a big nut on it and make a loop but dont pull it tight, then take another one and get under their ride and put it through the loop you made and wrap it around the drive shaft and pull it tight. When they are just driving out of the parking lot they wont notice anything really - until they give it some gas....
    He thought his motor was going to explode rofl, and had his car towed to a shop, where some very ammused mechanics handed him a zip tie with a big az nut on it.