Prairie Oaks Metro Park

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  1. After reading about the park in the perch thread and having the day off (thanks to those that have serve/served) I spent about 5 hours fishing there. The lakes in the main park have good spots from the shore but only caught one dink LM bass in the lakes. I did much better in Darby Creek landing 4 good SM bass. All fish caught on crank baits with medium to fast speed. Very nice park. Brian
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    I've been there... alot.... before it opened and after.... That day was the 1st time i've ever kept fish.... They were yummy.... We normally get more then 1 perch... But thats all we got that day....

    btw - everything was caught on a 2 or 3" white twister

  3. Juan More Fish

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    I have caught several crappies and bass there this year. But to no avail, I have not caught a perch. Some bone head was useing minnows. :D
  4. Yea Dn, As you know, The ONLY people cathing perch there or anywhere are most likely using minnows.;)
  5. Perchy101

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    Not so my friend.... I've caught plenty of perch out of those lakes without Minnows....
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    Bubba, his dad, and me fish there a a lot for Largies but we have never caught a perch, we even used worms, still nothing but Largies, i have also caught a lot of Crappie right under the bridge.