Prairie Oaks Fishing Regulations.

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  1. Anyone know the fishing regulations for the different species?

    No minnows but you can use shinners from what i read in a search?

    Any help appreciated before i make the drive. Tried looking online for reg's but could not find anything, or maybe i just overlooked.
  2. The regulations are post at the park. Minnows are not allowed. I don't know what shinners are. The are trying to keep foreign species out of the lakes. You can us wax worms and nightcrawlers. Are you bank fishing or do you fish using a kayak or canoe? I have an awesome spot if you are boating, I'll PM you if you are. Mike

  3. Bank fishing, but thanks for the offer on sharing a fishing spot !
  4. Not sure why they are worried about foriegn species in there:confused: a buddy of mine caught a couple carp there last year.
  5. Perchy101

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    And not like it hasn't been flooded before from the Darby.

    Its just a rule that tries to keep the fish in the lake.... Everybody knows throwing jig head and twister tails catches just about the same (if not more) fish then throwin bobber and minnow.
  6. From what I understand(from the same buddy that caught the carp) it was flooded pretty good last week.
  7. Juan More Fish

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    I have been there serveral times and only caught dinks, bass, and crappie. The lake all the way the north west corner. But my friend says hes caught a 5lb out of that lake towards the back by the fallen trees.:confused:
  8. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    YEARS ago I remember the Darby being so far up it was in the back yards of the houses at Beaver Lake. It took all summer for the lake to come down.

    Unless they shocked the lake and cleaned everything 'bad' out of them. (i doubt) There should be schools of baitfish flying around there and carp.
  9. I have friends who say they have caught 3+lbers out of there, and there has also been a few pics on here of some good fish, myself nothing much more than 12".