Practice casting.

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  1. I was practicing casting in the garage at work (I work hard, I know;) ) And had what I think is a really good idea. I didn't want to throw lead or lures with hooks on them around so I took one of those big pink erasers like you used in grade school and pushed a paperclip through it to tie my line too. Basically a really cheap practice plug. Nice thing about it (other than being cheap) is that its soft so you dont have to worry about beaking stuff. Another nice thing is that with a kitchen scale you can use scissors and cut in down to get any weight you want. I just thought I'd share in case anyone else could use this idea.
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    When I was younger and did alot of bass fishing I used to cast into different size pails in the front yard, 5 gallon bucket and some smaller household type ones, side arm, overhand, spinning and baitcasting, made me one heck of a bass fisherman when fishing in cover and or around trees, shrubs, timber or whatever.

    I like the pink eraser idea, good thinking :B :C

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    Junkyardbass,,,,, They do make hard rubber "Practice Casting Plugs" just for that purpose....... should be able to find them in most/some tackle shops or some sporting goods... Alot of packaged Fishin outfits, used to come with one tied on the line( especially) the kits for KIDS..... PS and yes, they dont have hooks. PPS....your eraser idea, shows a touch of genius...Jon Sr.