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  1. Is there anyone here that fishes around the powhattan area?I was looking for a little help on which way to go?Should i head up the river or down the river ?I guess i should mention that me and the wife will be targeting cats.


    The mouth of Captina Creek can be good at times. If you head upriver there is a pretty good feeding flat on the left side behind the grave yard. If you go down river look up to the right and you will see Bakers Bait shop. This is the guy to ask about Powhatton cats. He used to run cat tournaments from there but ive not been down that way in a few years.

    If you plan to fish the river alot i would recomend The Ohio River map CD by Ed Harp. Its not very detailed but it has been helpful.

    Looks like youre pretty close to Piedmont and Saltfork? They both have good flatheads and there is ALOT less water to search.

  3. I have a copy of that map.I am pretty close to both those lakes ,just havent been having very good luck and wanting to look at some other water for a bit.I will check out the bait store you mentioned .Thanks
  4. Finally made it down last night. 5 hours 1 small channel:( .The water is way down,and there was hardley no current. Mabee next time