PowerPro worth the $$$$!!!!!

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  1. Caught this pig outta the honey hole today on a buzzbait. She came ALL the way outta the water and came down on my bait at the weed edge, then BURIED into the junk. My 30lb PowerPro again proved that it was worth the money, as I had to horse her out. A few minutes WELL spent on the way home from work![​IMG]
  2. I use it on my muskie rods. I pull tree stumps up with the stuff.

  3. Tmerk...you are the man. Nice pig. Did you catch many others?
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    i love the stuff too!!! power pro is tops in my book...now i gotta figure out how to stop the "birds nests" on my spinning reel...stuff's to expensive to keep loosing yard after yard to knots and "birds nests".
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    And thats the reason i dont use it for jig fishing. I'll use it to perch fish deep water on a spinning reel but bait cast reel for everything else. Just not worth the hassle on spinning reels.
  6. Thanks, Lindy! I caught a couple of smaller fish on a Rat-L-Trap in the grass beds before seeing some action on top and changing over to the buzzbait on the weed edges.

    I use 20 lb (6lb diameter) on my spinning gear for fishing snag-filled creeks out of my canoe or kayak. I haven't ever had an issue with a bird's nest or any loops. My understanding was that you definitely want to have mono backing (or electrical tape) to keep the braid from slipping around your spool, and I have had folks say that you should occasionally let out a bunch of line to tighten it back up again. Not sure if brand makes a difference, but I just started using PowerPro and love it!
  7. How long was the big boy. I use mono backing before spooling on about 75 yds. of fireline. No problems with twists or birds nests. Putting the backing on allow for two reels of fireline per a 150 yd. spool. Saves some $. I also heard of guys using the superlines for a season and then reel it onto another reel. This has the "used" line close to the spool and the unused line out. Anything to save some dough. Lets hook up soon. Buck was going to try some bassin at camp today. I have caught several bass in that lake with the biggest being about 5 lbs. It was great. The security guards were coming to check to make sure I was part of the camp and I tied into the 5lber while they were approaching. They about crapped themselves and talked about it all week. They had never seen a fish that big before. It was funny.
  8. I didn't have a tape, but I'm guessing 20-22". I've caught 3 that size out of there now (or maybe the same fish 3 times!). I use the same program with the braid.....mono first, then typically 75-100 yards of braid, and zero issues. I'm gonna have to try the reel-to-reel trick this winter. I definitely want to get together with you soon. Are weekends or evenings better for you? I told Buck we should set up a Friday night / Saturday morning trip out to your spot in Portage county: fish til dark (or after) then camp and fish in the morning.
  9. Has anyone ever tried putting flourocarbon on a mono backing? If so, how did it work out? Thanks!
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    Great idea. Seldom will you need more that 75-100 yards of line so spool on some cheap line first and then use a Uni-to-Unit knot to tie them together.

    Tight lines!