Power window help needed!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by olwhitee, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. I have a 1988 Chevy that the window will not go up on. It went down, but will not go up. I replaced the switch with a working switch but still no luck. I hear a quiet click when I push up, so I am sure it has power.

    I need to get the window up until I can get it repaired, how do I manually raise the window?

    I know if I remove the motor I can push it up and prop it, but I would like an easier method if there is one.

    Supposed to rain tonight, so any quick help is appreciated.
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    you can try to pull it up along with the motor if possible. i just replaced both of my front power window motors in my gmc safari van. they never quit working ,but they would get hot and only go up an inch at a time. paid $180.00 to have both done.

  3. Sometimes you can get lucky if you open the door and then slam it shut. You may have to slam it just hard enough to NOT break the window. Every GM vehicle that I have owned that the power windows quit on I've been able to get one more operation of the motor by doing this. It also helps you vent your frustrations.
  4. Thanks guys, I have tried slamming the door along with lots of other objects laying around me throughout the day. I gave up for today and duct taped some plastic on it.

    I guess I need to replace the motor, looks like a chore due to the motor being riveted in.

    Can I just bolt the new motor in or do they need to be riveted as well.
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    i have always just bolted them back on but changing one can test your nerves at times
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    To change them, just drill the rivets out and replace them with nuts and bolts. If
    I remember correctly they come with new ones in the box.

    Just be careful to place the wires so they are out of harms way.


    where are u located at?
  8. Depends on if it's cable or gear driven. You gotta pull the door panel (can be a major pain in the butt) & check. If it's cable driven you have to replace the entire assembly. Cut the cables, yank up window & wedge with something for temporary repair. I used nylon tie straps & when motor/cable assembly was replaced they were just cut them off. If it's gear driven it's easier to get window closed but I forget exact procedure.
  9. I have the door panel off, I think it is gear driven. It has four plastic teeth that look like they move a plastic piece.

    I take it that is gear driven??
  10. The cable ones have a loop of cable around rollers between 2 metal pieces that make up the assembly. You'd see that if it's cable driven.

  11. In your original post you said you heard a "quiet click" when trying to put the window up. Is this a single click or multiple clicks? Your description above saounds like you may have a plastic regulator that could have gone bad not allowing the motor to do its job.
  12. It is not exactly a click, but I cannot think of a better description. It sounds like the switch is trying to make the window go up for a second.

    It is a single noise, not a series.
  13. OK.... The cable driven will usually have 2 metal tracks and an "X" pattern of cables. Gear driven should have an "X" pattern of metal bars and one end of each bar will be hooked into the bottom of the window with rollers.

    You never mentioned if this was the driver side or the passenger side. A lot of power windows use the driver switch as a main switch. If it goes out, the passenger switch generally will not work either. If the motor is a 2 wire setup, try hooking 12V to the motor and see if it works. Hook up wires motor should run one direction... reverse wires to run opposite. Just a few things to try... no guarantees on outcome other then I've done it on many cars without hurting anything.
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    ive also just replaced the brushes in the motor. so some times the motor doesnt need to be replaced only repaired. a lot cheaper!