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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by ErieAngler, Jun 5, 2008.

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    I have a 2000 225 Merc. EFI.

    The power trim to tilt the motor up on the engine is not working, but it will tilt down.

    I can tilt the motor up using the tilt/trim on the trottle and at the bow.

    Any suggestions? I took the motor cover off and nothing seems to be disconnected from the rocker switch on the motor.

    I HATE electrical problems, seems the only way I can fix anything is by completely redoing it, and I only know at that time whether that was what the problem was....because now it will either work or still not work.
  2. An easy way to test that switch is to use a short piece of wire and go around the switch. Place one end of the short wire on the "hot side of the switch and the touch the terminal on the other side of the switch. If she goes up your switch is bad.
    I am assuming you do not have a vlot meter or you would be using that to test for voltage on the switched side terminal.

  3. The way you describe it, it would take an identical malfunction in TWO switches for it to be a switch problem.

    Had a similar problem couple yrs back on a 93 Johnson. There were two relays in the motor for t&t.....one up, one down. They were identical and right next to each other. One relay was shot, the other worked. These relays were little 3/4" square boxes that just plug in.

    If you have something similar....swap them out one for the other. It it changes operation...there is your problem.

    Newer motor probably still has relays...but they are very small I would guess.

    Good luck.

    (btw...if it is a relay, replace them both. if one died, the other may be close behind. save the old "good one" as a spare.)
  4. find the trim tilt relays .square thing about 1/1/2 you can reverse the wires ,that will tell you if its the relay there about a $20 item easy fix , bobinstow told you right ,
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    If the throttle switch will still trim the motor up can it be the up relay? I mean, it's worth a try to switch wires on the up and down relays, but it still looks like the trim switch on the motor. a multi-meter should tell the story.

  6. Merc does not use the same relays as johson and e rude. check the voltage in and out of your motor mounted switch. it probably needs to be replaced.
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    This IS a dumb question and may be wayyy to hard for someone to explain in a post, but I'll give it a shot.

    I do have a volt meter, but I dont know how to use it. How does it work and how would I use it to test this switch?

    BTW, Thank you to everyone who has helped me with this, I really appreciate the knowledge sharing!
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    set it to dc volts. or get a test light for a few bucks at the auto parts store. learn to use it and it will be the most used tool ,especially for trailer lights. ground one end and touch the other end to the mor side of the switch. if the light lights up you have power. i would check both sides to make sure YOU have chosen the right side to get the light to come on.
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    If it works from the throttle and the bow but not from the engine itself, its not a relay problem. Definitely a problem with the switch on the engine.

    I had the same problem with mine only it was the throtlle switch that broke. It was a pretty easy fix but expensive ($45).
  10. I just checked back on this thread to see the outcome and realized I misread it the first time. If its working ok at any switch, then it cannt be the relay. Sorry.
  11. If using the meter pretty much what freyed described with light. Set to DC volts. Black lead from meter to battery negative or other point on boat that is tied to battery neg. Then use the other meter lead to check voltage on the "hot" side of switch. Approx 12 volts should be present. Check other terminal on switch (this would go to relay or trim pump/motor.) With switch off should read zero volts. With switch on should read approx 12 volts.
  12. Did you figure out the problem?
  13. ErieAngler

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    not yet, i didnt make it up to the lake this last weekend, but will this Friday.

    I'm going to take my volt meter and try to test the voltage, but I think what its going to come down to is im going to have to replace the switch.

    Thanks for all the help guys, Ill let you know what happens!
  14. ErieAngler

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    Conclusion is I need a new switch.....$65 more bucks down the hole!

    Thanks for all the help guys!
  15. ever here this before ? BOAT a hole in the water ,witch one pours money into , welcome to the money pit.
  16. ErieAngler

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    I tell everyone the same thing.....but it still sucks!
  17. Another quote: Two best days in owning a boat...the day you buy and the day you sell!!!!!!!!!!!

    Better a switch rather then a new trim/tilt motor!!!