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  1. Well after reading through my other thread about fishing line frustrations I think im gonna go with Power Pro. I just have one question though. I was looking through my BPS catalog and there's a chart for PP lb test and mono equivalent. It says 10lb PP is equivalent to mono 2lb. Is that correct? I use 8lb test and the chart list PP 30lb as equivalent to mono 8lb. So in short I have to get PP in their 30lb to get 8lb test?

    Is this weird or no? Only the Spectra brands have this chart in the BPS catalog.
  2. freyedknot

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    no , you have it backwards. 30# test has the diameter of 8 #mono.the 10#power pro has the diameter of 2#mono.

  3. triton175

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    That chart is refering to the diameter of the line. 30 lb PP is the same diameter as 8lb mono but it is 30lb test. They give you this chart because the line capacity markings on your reel are based on mono. So if your reel holds 200yds of 8lb mono it will hold 200yds of 30lb PP.
  4. Hook N Book

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    Yes, it's weird...but incorrect. I switched over this season and can only say, it was one of the best adjustments I made in the off season. I'm using the 30 lb. test/8 lb. mono. equivalent and will never look back...! :D
  5. KaGee

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    Local buddy of mine got me into it for the first time this season. Gotta say, so far I'm hooked. In the spring jig fishing, I could feel every time the jig hit or was hit by something.

    The only problem I experienced was adjusting my in-line planers to it. The planers kept popping off until I got a handle on it.
  6. Justin S

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    i also switched this season and will never go back to mono.
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    I really like power pro . Strong and sensitive .
  8. ParmaBass

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    It's the best braid out there.
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    We've got the "goat rope" on some of our poles and we really like it :) WB
  10. What do you use pp for ? jigs ? casting ? And do you use a floro leader ?
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    When we were casting jigs in the spring, I used about a 48" leader of Vanish directly tied.
  12. I get alot more backlashes with it but other then that i love the stuff. The backlashes are getting fewer but they seem to be of a better quality mess. That reminds me I could of swore i had a buddy that had a line pick for picking out back lashes but cant remember the buddy or find the pick online anywhere. Anyone have one or know where one can get bought at?
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    I use Power Pro for the first time starting last weekend and have not had any issues with it. It seems to cast better than the Fireline. I am using the 50 lbs test which is about the size of a 14 lbs test in the Power Pro. In the Fireline, I am using the 14 lbs test which is about the size of an 8 lbs test. The only draw back is that the color bleeds from the line but it does not matter since I use a flurocarbon leader. It is just more a mess than anything. The first day my hand was green. The only other thing that I really do not like is that it makes a lot of noise coming through the guides which is about the same for both of them.
  14. freyedknot

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    it tangle a lot easier and it's a lot harder to untangle too. and if you try to pull on it hard it will cut your skin. be careful around spinning machinery(prop) as it would be devastating if you got caught in the loop.so to speak.
  15. So it bleeds? I dont want to deal with that! How bad is it? I guess ill have to use a leader since it bleeds then.

    I want to switch to PP because its not supposed to cut your guides like other braids do, or so ive read. I notice a lot of noise through my guides as well with Fireline. I guess maybe I need to do more research and get poles with guides made for braid. I didnt know it was so much involved now.
  16. ParmaBass

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    I don't think it bleeds, it fades a bit after use. That doesn't affect the line performance at all. As far as having to get specialized rods with braid resistant guides, nothing special is required. I've been using Power Pro since it came out and my guides look the same as the day I started using it. Just go buy a spool and put it on, you'll like it!!! And then every three years go buy another spool and respool, it will last at least 3 years, it does for me anyhow.
  17. Confirmed Power Pro user. Never had a problem with color bleed, unlike fireline. Always end up with black marks from my smoke colored fireline. I use rods with titanium alloy (i think) guides, so i dont notice any wear. Braids seem to last longer, 2-4 years, as opposed to mono needing changed every 1-2 years. I use the 10# PP in 2# mono diameter on my ultralight and NEVER break off a fish. I have caught 5# cats on my ultralight, and the only breakage I worried about was my drag. Good luck with it!

  18. I also use the PP as well as Fireline, and Spiderwire. I am partial to the PP when it comes to these 3 brands although the only PP that I am using is 50# whereas the Spiderwire is the 10# and the Fireline I believe is 14#. I planned on switching over to PP on some of the other setups but I am too cheap to replace until the line is worn out and the problem with that is that they (all 3 brands) do not wear out. I have had some of the setups for 5 years or more. I know I am not using those reels nearly as frequently as others may be and thus it is prolonging the life. Time is not a factor on the life of the products. It is more about how fast you go through it by re-tying for fraying and break-offs.

    Another tip to get even more life out of a spool is to reverse the line once one end starts showing wear. Although that end may warrant replacement the other end rarely sees the water and thus is like new. To reverse it the easiest way is to do it in a large yard and pull it all off and then go to the other end and tie on and crank it back on. Otherwise to do this from spools you need to run it onto one spool and then onto another one before going back on to your reel.

    I was one of the braid converts at first when I tried it thinking that it was the answer in all situations but have since gone to using various types according to the situation. Depending on what type of rod you have you may end up shopping for a new rod to use with the braid. I found that some of my setups were not the best for braid. I had a couple that we just too stiff and I had a hard time keeping hooked up on fish. It helps to have more bend in the rod to compensate for the lack of stretch.
  19. I use PP on all of my muskie set ups, all the way up to 100lb test and have never had a problem of any kind. Best line I have ever used.
  20. TheSonicMarauder

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    GREAT STUFF 10# and 20# is nice and thin but still strong and slick enough for jigs and spinnerbaits

    30# makes for good Froggy fun

    and as far as the color bleeding out... i havent seen it.. and ill tell you one thing... it doesnt frey and is quieter through the guides then fireline and is easier on guides too in my opinion.... fireline through cheep guides sounds like someone lacing up some dusty old baseball cleats and gives me goosebumps just as bad.... pp doesnt... well not nearly as bad though(still id recommend using on rods with good guides like fuji)