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Power Pro Question

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by MarrakeshExpress, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. After hearing so many of you guys talk about how good Power Pro line is, I think I'm going to get one of my reels spooled up and see how it feels. I've generally just used mono since I started fishing, either Trilene XL or XT and thought I'd try out a braided type of line. My question though, is whether or not there are certain lures or presentations not suitable for it. I would rather not get a bad impression of the line by using it in situations not conducive to it's properties.
  2. Hooch

    Hooch Fare Thee Well!

    I can't think of many situations that it won't work well. Be sure to use a mono backing to save some $$ and so the line won't slip on the spool. Use a Floroucarbon leader whenever you can and use a double uni knot to join the lines together at both the spool and the leader. On second thought, maybe when using crankbaits... You may want to use a lighter action rod or fiberglass rod so it will give a little when the fish hits. You will rip the crankbait away or out of a fishes mouth with the new "no stretch" lines. -Hooch-

  3. If it were me, I would never consider using a braidied line with crankbaits. As Hooch mentioned, there is no stretch to the line, and using it with a crankbait would n't allow for playing the fish back to the boat. I personally still like mono for spinnerbaits as well.

    Fluorocarbon line is another no stretch option for jerkbaits. But stick with mono for cranks at the very least. I also stick to mono for carolina rigs and fluorocarbon for drop shotting. Plastics and jigs are all I use braided line for.

  4. I have the opposite view, and ONLY use Power Pro with moving baits (crankbaits, spinnerbaits, topwater). However, I do use moderate action rods with these baits. Most people really like using Power pro with soft plastics, but it has never felt right to me, and I use fluorocarbon with all of my soft plastics. For jigs...I use both, if it is around rocks Fluro, grass I use braid.