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power pro line

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by EE, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. EE


    I hear about P-line, Pro-line, and Power Pro line.........are these 3 the same thing? I think I am going to put some power pro line on my lake Erie trolling rods, maybe 20-30 lb. I went to the store and found pro-line, is that the same as power pro? geez, you need an interpreter any more in the fishing isle........ :D
    any assistance would be greatly appreciated (or any recommendations for lake erie trolling line)
  2. JBJ


    3 different fishing line manufacturers. Power Pro is best known for braided line and P-Line has Fluoroclear and CXX lines that many like to use. I know of anglers that use all of these for trolling...

  3. Pharley

    Pharley Hook 'Em

    I only use Power Pro for my braided line, and all my mono is P-line. If you are not famaliar with these, they are great lines.
  4. I have used the Power Pro along with Fireline and Spiderwire in superbraids. I would rate the Power Pro as the best of the three for me.
  5. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    I have been contemplating getting some of the power pro line. Or is that pro line or just kidding! :p

    I have seriously thought of trying the power pro on my catfish rigs.
  6. I have tried both Spider wire and Power Pro line. I liked the Power pro line because it is more rounded than the spider wire which tends to be flat.
  7. Ðe§perado™

    Ðe§perado™ Catfisherman/Bowfisherman

    I love the Power Pro lines for my Cat rods, the 50lb/ 12lb dia.. Been using it for years and never had one problem. :)
  8. EE


    sounds like the concensus is for Power Pro, which is good news since that's what I've been leaning towards.
    thanks folks
  9. basstrackerman

    basstrackerman marshall

    i use power pro on everything for everything! very good line.if ya get a snag,just pull straight back and youll get your hook or lure back.
  10. I've used the Power Pro 50 and 100 lb test for 3 years now. It stays round, is abraision resistant and can winch in fairly large trees when I get hooked up. It lasts about 2 years and works great on my catfish baitcasters (Quantum Iron, Daiwa CV-Z300). I haven't used it on any of my spinning reels yet...going to let my brother try it out in Canada this June... better him than me just in case it doesn't work out...but I'm sure it will. No stretch line can take a little to get used to, but if you like to set the hook, Power Pro does it with gusto...

  11. The great thing (or one of the great things) about superbraids is that they do not have a shelf life and are not UV sensitive. You mentioned that it lasts you for 2 years. I have had my Power Pro on for 3 years now and it is as good as the day I started. I have had fireline on one rig for about 5-6 years now. What you can do if it starts to get to where it is showing a bit of wear on the end you are using is basically flip the line end for end on the spool. Essentially the line that was on the core is now the outer portion. This portion in most cases has hardly ever seen the water and therefore is like new. It is a bit of a pain doing the switch thought because you basically have to spool the line 3 times to get it back on the reel turned around. The only other way to do this is to feed it all out and then cut it and tie the other end on and reel up again. Doing this will save you the expense of buying new again soon.

    By the way those that have never used braids may not be able to relate to the feel of no stretch on the line. It really is an eye opener at first. The best way to imagine it is that feel of hooking a nice bass right at boatside when they hammer you...only this feeling happens even when you are completely at the end of your cast. I use it in Canada pike fishing and it makes the ax handle fish feel like a brute at least for a little while. Because of this you really need to keep the drag set light enough to keep from yank the hook completely out of their mouth. And I would recommend a fairly fast action rod so that you can have some cushion to eliminate the quick release of a head thrashing fighter.
  12. esoxhunter

    esoxhunter Livin' the moontime

    I have a couple musky reels going on season 4 with the same PowerPro. I might change it, but I'm not convinced that I have to. I'd say it is definitely good for three seasons.