Power Bait?

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by bower112, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Does power bait work on steelhead? Has anyone used it before?
  2. JohnnyN

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    I hear some people use the Gulp maggots to effect. I don't know about your run of the mill powerbait paste, though...

  3. creekcrawler

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    Way back when, I used to have pretty good luck with some powerbait, don't remember who made it, but they were little chartreuse garlic marshmellows, no kidding. They worked good in real dingy water, and they were strong - stunk like garlic....
  4. zachtrouter

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    I use to catch steelies off the CEI breakwall about 5-6 years ago with powerbait. I assume your talking about the little jars. I used to use the bright orange and rainbow. Fished it catfish style with big old weight at the bottom the tie hook w/ leader about a foot up from that. Did really well
  5. It works very well use a size 14 treble hook and put a small ball on it to cover hook with some split shot about a foot down. It will float up off the bottom and the fish just swallow it.
  6. It works but not as well as it used to with the old London strain. You'll see a lot of guys using it at the power plants fished on the bottom, like Zachtrouter said.
  7. SINNERS!!!!!!!!! you cant fish powerbait on a flyrod lol

    I would try it under a float around a small jighead, sounds like a good last minute alternative to eggs. trout have a great sense of smell so it should crush them as well as the next bait.