powder coating?

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  1. im trying to get my honda 400ex ready to race and i was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to take the frame and subframe to get powder coated at? i live in lake county, any place near there?
  2. Powder coating is nice, but I have a '88 250r that i took to line-X and got it spray on bed liner. It may add a little wight but not much. I had it sprayed on thicker on the bottom. It has lasted very well even in Kentucky and Tenn. on the rocks. it cleans easy and looks good. you well want to tape where the a arm bushings go and where the swing arm links up to the frame. I also recommend putting bolts in all the hole on the frame. sounds like a lot but its not.

    I had to tap all the threads where the spray in the threads. That sucked!

    Just an idea, that I would swing your way. Cost was around $125 I think It wasn't any more than that.

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    used to be one in Warren, Ohio on Parkman Rd. If that is not too far, I could swing by and get a phone # for you.