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  1. Has anyone have any idea how the reproduction went this spring. In all my travels I have not seen many young out and about yet. What have you been seeing. I saw alot of birds during spring season which was really nice and I hope the population continues to increase. This bird has filled a void in my hunting left by little or no grouse and pheasants in northeastern part of the state.
  2. the hatch here in belmont county must have been good the neighbors have been cutting the hay off and i have been seeing alot of hens with little ones running around!

  3. seen 4 different flocks of at least a dozen each
    in lorain county today
  4. I have seen alot of poults here in ashtabula co, have been getting alot of trail cam pictures of them to. should be a good year again next year!
  5. between clinton and warren countys seems to be good to quit good seen at least 100 birds sat. n sun. deer hunting