Potomac River Blues

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by Jammer, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. My son, Aaron, won a fishing trip with Tim Hagan on www.thecatfishnation.com.
    We went last Tuesday on the Potomac River just south of DC.
    It was a blast. We caught over 20 Blue cats, most in the 15 to 25# range. I caught a 28# and Aaron caught a 31# and a 34#.
    Pictures of the 34# and a double, twin 20#'s.
  2. Man those are some nice cats. Did you keep any for the table?
    What did you use for bait?

  3. We were using cut shad and a few live gold carp.

    I don't think I would eat anything from the Potomac, Not downstream from all the crap in DC. :p
  4. I hear ya on that one.
  5. I've driven down I-295 past the sewage treatment plant (right next to the Anacostia River) during a warm summer day many, many times...well, the smell will make a lot of people nauscious. I can't understand how anyone can live right there. The Anacostia dumps right into the Potomac, right in sight of downtown DC.

    From what I hear (don't bump into too many fisherman down here), if you have any intention on keeping fish from the Potomac, only keep them if they come from above Great Falls...well north of the city. The exception would be any migratory fish...the shad are supposedly just starting to move upriver.