Potential World Record Musky....

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  2. Crittergitter-
    This truly is an amazing fish! I saw it in the beginning of December right after it was caught on the Muskyhunter website. The string of messages on the thread associated with this fish brought a lot of big names out of the woodwork! That type of fish is the reason most of us persue this amazing creature!!:B -Gabe

  3. The fact that he released it speaks louder than anything he could say verbally. He deserves every good thing that will happen.
  4. muskies inc weight calculator says

    Length 57 inches
    Girth 33 inches
    Weight 77.59125 pounds
  5. [​IMG]

    The fisherman -- Daie MacNair

    Now that is no little guy holding that fish, and it still looks big.

    Can't hide big. It look's bigger than Louie's, much bigger.
  6. Dale is a 300lb man. I believe there that Dale and the replica will be at the Chicago show.
  7. That fish is a blimp!!! BUT- I like the release photos more:) !!!
  8. It sure would be nice to know what she weighed. Can't wait to read the story behind the catch. I don't know if I would have been able to let that one go..
  9. Sure can be classified as a Monster Fish....Beautiful..That St Lawrence River still has some surprises in it...Know of at least one with the Catch and Release of that big girl...Congrat's.
    BIB BIG MUSKY....C.L....
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    That takes a real man to release that! Kudos to him for letting goood sense rule and not let his ego get in the way,TC1
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    Awesome fish and a good story. Those St Lawernce muskies are beatiful.
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    I admit, it is awesome that this fish was released. The thing is, Dale MacNair and Sal have kept multiple 50+ inch fish in his day, and some people are questioning why he would keep say a 54", then release a potential world record.

    "How ironic is this: Sal and his fishing buddy Duckboat have been killing big fish to everyone's dismay for years, and when Sal gets this guy one I wish he had weighed to clear up the record books, back she goes. Oh well. All the more reason to take up a collection to buy Sal a scale,
    What a big fatty. No doubt record class."
  13. Is duckboat = Dale MacNair? According to the Larry Ramsell article, Dale has only been muskie fishing for a year and his previous best was 51.5 inches caught earlier in 2008. I have no way of knowing whether he kept the 51.5 fish and if he did, maybe it was too injured to survive...
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    Awesome fish man! Releasing a fish that is a potential record, takes a lot of balls! You got to give it to the guy, however it can never truely be acklowledged as a record if not weighed on a certified scale. That is, for some, the painful fact/truth.

    I'll guarantee that if I caught it and it was close, it would be coming home! So that makes him a better man????

    After the days of Art Lawton, Louie Spray, J. J. Coleman, Percy Haver and more...there is no record unless it is certified. Not only by scale, but also by biological investigation. Most of you probably have never heard these names....Either way, there are consequences for releasing a fish or keeping a fish. Any angler should be prepared to handle both regardless of his/her decision....If it were me, and I released the fish, then everyone would know that it was NO record of any kind...if kept, it would be or damn close to it!
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    I completely agree ShutUp. That fish would be DEAD as a doornail. In my opinion, releasing the fish may be saying a little more than "I'm a catch and release advocate." I open admit and respect the fact that the fish was an absolute monster! But releasing it takes no more balls than killing it. I am 100% C & R and have yet to keep a musky, but these guys who have been fishing for 5 years who think releasing the 20 fish they've caught makes them some musky pro get under my skin.
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    I truly get it that for musky fishing the politically correct thing to do is to release all fish to better the fishery.....yada yada yada. However, what is the rate of return on such a release. This fish is 57"s long for crying out loud! Do we expect it to become 58", 59", 60"s? Is there a cutoff? Who's to say a 57" musky doesn't die of old age in February. No spawn, no future genetics, no more catching it. Seems kind of futile to me. Now, don't get me wrong. I have never caught a musky that I would even ponder keeping it or not. I hope to some day. If I feel it has a chance to age and grow then she'll go back. However, a 50-52"r in Ohio is in trouble in my boat, and the rest go back.

    I don't fault this fisherman for releasing the fish. His fish, and his choice. I am just saying that I don't really get it.
  17. Jim-after listening to the telephone interview of Dale Macnair; it reminded me of something. ***YOU STILL OWE ME A 10" Black Perch Grandma!!!!!!!!!!! Is it just a coincindence that the beast was caught on my favorite trolling lure? I THINK NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Gabe
    *It was caught on a Jake though.-SAME THING:B

    :) Maybe Jake Satonica will give you one since he almost barfed on you at the tournament last year.:)
  18. Oh Lord…There he is…It feels like a big one…Please don’t let me lose him…I’ve never caught one this big before. I’ll try not to horse him, and if I land him, I promise to release him…and make a graphite replica if my wife says it’s ok. Thank you for the Rapalas…Amen.”

    critter -
    I think you need to change your closing----You got some bad karma there...You tell the Lord you'll release the big one but you're telling us your gonna keep it......
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    Ha Ha Ha! That's just in my sig line cause I thought it was a funny commercial. I have kept plenty of big ones.