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  1. I need help please.I have uploaded photos to post through photobucket,tried to post 1 but all that ended up showing on the thread was the address.Can anyone help me out?Thanks.
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    It's easier to upload them from your computer.

    hit 'manage attachment'

    then 'browse'

    find the file, and hit 'upload'

    then submit reply

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  3. freyedknot

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    or load them on here in the photo gallery and yopu will not havem to resize them. then on a thread there will be a "my pics" on the right side of the page . click myphoto and click the 1 you want.
  4. chaunc

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    If you're using photobucket, all you have to do is change the IMG to img and your picture will show.
  5. I was having promblems also. I'm not real good with computer, got my son involved. talked with Big Daddy for help. Then when we got going had promblems with aol. I thought there was a place (directions) that gave step by step instructions for place pics with your add. If so let me know