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  1. Since this is the first year I have fished in Ohio, I have been hunting around online on quite a few different sites to find info on fishing areas (lakes, rivers etc). One of the tools that has been very helpful is google maps. It is nice because you can see a layout of the lake and the surrounding areas to plan where to park and fish. I was thinking a great resource that this site may be able to provide is direct links to these maps, so that it is easy for folks like me who are not familiar to the local spots to find their way around. Here are a few examples:

    Wallace Lake
    Coe Lake

    It is not very hard to get the link, you just start at google maps, find the lake you want, click hybrid if you want the satellite view, then click link this page. It will make the url in your address bar the link, you can then copy and paste it. Does anyone else think this would be a good idea?
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  3. google earth is ok, but some of there maps and aerial photos are out of date, usually the color aerial photots are newer within the past 5 years, the black and whites on the other hand are older, within the last 10-15 years which most landscapes have changed in that time frim from floods and such. i use its more satelite images, some are aerial photos but there more up to date clearer and more detailed, after looking at some of the rivers in the dayton area u can see the flats, sand bars and such that are under the water surface, google compared to is night an day. give it a try i think many a sportsmen will like the site.

    brandon aka bassattacker