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post the funny wierd and wild......

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by LiquidTension, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. LiquidTension

    LiquidTension mouse potato

    i thought maybe id put this in comedy section but yeaah whatever.....

    o.k. we all have had some funny, wierd, wild stuff happen to us while out on the water or in the woods. lets here 'em. i will start with this one.
    disclaimer: best of my recollection....cuz, you know, dead brain cells and stuff. :p

    wingfoot lake. i had permission to a rowboat anytime i wanted, as long as it was available (which was always). a friend, discgolfer and i went to try our luck. we unload the car and start loading the boat. the last thing on the ground was the oars, someone said, "should we get the oars?"...thinking ive got a trolling motor and a 5.5 horse (thinking about it now, 5.5 was having some problems) to get us around, i said something to the effect of "we dont need no stinking oars". we make our way to the usual stump grounds to catch the 6-7 pounder i had caught previously. we fish our day and i dont even remember if we caught anything. on the way back the 5.5 gives up or wont start or run or something and i had managed to drain the trolling battery,cuz of course being on wingfoot it was a windy day...hense we called it 'Windfoot'.... so we blow back to the point on the island. we need a master plan to get back. :confused: i say 'grab some sturdy 4-5 foot branches and we will push-pole us over to the other side' (thank god its a shallow part of the lake) grab a paddleboat and use that to tow back the dead rowboat. so were push-polling and laughing and cussing and blowing around and then finally we get to the 'employee park' side of the lake and DG goes off to 'borrow' a paddleboat and come get us. my bud and me take a smoke break and wait. then we hear a strange churning/chugging noise comming towards us, we perk comes DG with the paddleboat cruizing toward us. funniest damn thing ive seen in a long time. :D me and friend are absolutely busting a gut watching DG.

    meanwhile, by the time he gets near to 'rescue' us, an elderly park employee type has seeked us out and came to see what the problem was... then he sees DG with the 'borrowed' paddleboat heading toward us and freaks. we explain that we ran out of propulsion and just needed to borrow it to get back to where we launch. the paddleboat nazi would have no part of that. he gave us oars to use and ordered DG to return the paddler. we rowed back in and returned the oars to the dude by automobile.

    sorry if its not funny... it might be a 'guess you hadda be there' moment :p
  2. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    that si quite funny, i have been close to that situation MANY times! Gotta love the smoke is tough work!

  3. Here's a weird thing that happened to me about 12 years ago:

    I was squirrel hunting with a buddy near Bowling Green, OH (I was in college) and was sitting under a tree with my trusty NEA 20 gauge. After 20 mins of no activity I heard something rustling the brush about 50 yards away. It was pretty big but no bigger than a dog. After 5 minutes of watching the brush move it popped out about 10 feet in front of me. It was a groundhog!

    Well, that groundhog sat and stared at me for about 10 secs after I told it to shoo. Then it charged. Yes, a groundhog charged my fat butt sitting under a tree. After I recovered from the shock of being attacked by a rodent I brought my shotgun to my side and fired right at the bugger. The blast made him turn a somersault after which he got up and charged again! By this time he couldn't see well but he was coming, not having the time to reload my single shot shotgun I stood up and swung the stock of the gun at the critter and connected.

    I often wonder what thoughts went through the valiant little rat's head while he lay dying.

    I limited out on squirrels that day also :)
  4. Darwin

    Darwin If your gonna be a bear..

    Me and a buddy were squirrel hunting by Lynn Indiana about 20 years ago. We had just met up on the back side of the woods and were about to call it a day when he spots one more fox squirrel. This thing is about 30 yards away working over a hickory tree. I slide over towards it to get it on the side of the tree that my buddy was on and he shoots. The squirrel falls out of the tree hitting a rather large branch on the way down. Super !# jumps up runs up the next tree witch happens to be a big ol den tree! :mad:
    Of course my buddy was like, " I swear I hit him in the head!" :rolleyes: I said yeah right, I am sure you did:rolleyes:

    We went back the next weekend, same woods, we had no more than walked into the woods and he says hey, there is a squirrel. Crack goes the .22 down falls the squirrel. Low and behold, he is holding a squirrel with a scab over its left eye! :cool:

    Don't know for sure if it was the same one but as far as we were concerned it was!
  5. OK, here goes. One summer day, say ten or more years ago, my family was sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner (wife and two boys 5,8) Our kitchen window overlooks our back yard and garden. Had a good one growing that year and even had it fenced in on three sides in an attempt to keep the critters out. I knew something had been getting in there and was munching on things but never caught them. Well, this particluar day as we are eating, I'm gazing out the window at my accomplishments and low and behold, in the rear of the garden is a hog up on his hind legs dining on a piece of my prize brocolly. Inside I was steaming but I was trying to down play my rage as I went to the bedroom for our only firearm (self defense) a Colt 45ACP. "Honey, I'll be right back " is what I said as I went for the Colt. As I came thru the kitchen with the piece she said what are you going to do. I said, don't worry about a thing, this will only take a minute. Now, we live within the city limits of our community but our house is bordered by open field on the rear and side of our property (dead end street). I go out on the rear deck and am thinking will it be a safe shot shooting down into the garden? I thought so. So I drew a bead thru my mmc sights, a shot of say 20 yrds. I let one fly and winged the little fat sucker. Now he's jumping up and down on my fence in a frantic attempt to avoid round #2. I got down off the deck and closed in and by now he was quite actively running around in my garden. I let 2 and 3 fly with no luck,(not the best of shots) always thinking of the safest shot of course. Well, the whole saga ended with that hog charging me. By now I'M guessing how many rounds I have left. With the hog wounded badly and about 10 feet from me in a death charge my final round stopped him in his tracks. I safed the Colt and calmly walked back to the kitchen to finish my meal leaving the hog to lay. Wife's repeatingly saying "you're going to get in trouble". I said "Oh well, won't be the first time" Kids didn't know what to say after watching Dad chase a hog around the garden blasting away. Probably not the smartest thing I've ever done. Before we were done eating my cousin shows up and sees the dead hog before I could tell him about it. He howled. And before I was done gardening back there the trusty Colt dispatched two other lowly hogs.
  6. Paul Anderson

    Paul Anderson Logan's Dad

    Last Autumn I was trolling for muskies on Leesville until about 10:00 Pm. Finally decided that I had enough and headed toward the marina. I get within a couple hundred yards and cut the motor to put my gear away. I reel up pole #1 and toss the 12" jointed believer onto the boat. I reel up pole #2 and toss the bait also into the boat. I remove rod holders, then colapse my net and tie on my launch rope to the bow. It was cold out and I decied to get my gloves back on. I sit down...but only momentarily. I sat right on a 4/0 treble hook of the jointed believer. The immediate pain sent me upward...momentarily. The other trebble was burried in the seat. So I couldn't stand up, couldn't sit down, and there wasn't a sole around. I could just barely reach my boltcutters or I don't know how I would have gotten out of that situation. BTW, I don't put baits on the seat anymore. :)
  7. I felt that one. Reminds me of a hook up I had at a lightless boat ramp on Milton this summer. Putting rods away (in the dark) and stuck myself with a Rebel crab attached to a rod. The rod was pretty well embedded in the rod box amongst other rods with loads of tension on it. (ouch). Couldn't reach a light and was truly wondering how I was going to get out of that. Well, the MAN must of decided to cut me a break cause I unloaded the rod just enough that the crab broke free of my finger. I never store rods with baits attached now. Learning the hard way can sometimes be the best. lol
  8. My father-in-law and I were fishing at Seneca last year, and located a nice hump with stickups near pretty deep water. He threw two lines out, one tightlined with a worm, and casted a crank with the other. I threw a vib-e type bladebait that I bought from southern California, which I have never seen elsewhere (a bladebait with rattling red eyes). I hooked a BIG fish and started fighting it -- probably the mother of all 'eyes. I couldn't make much headway with the fish, which wrapped me around an underwater log and broke the like at the lure (knot).

    A minute or so later, the tightlined rod doubles over, and after a short fight, provides a nice flathead, around 30". Once netted, the mouth opens to show my bladebait firmly hooked, with the worm hook on the other side. I guess the fish was hungry to eat the bladebait, then scrounge up a worm. At least the thought of losing a giant 'eye would no longer haunt me.
  9. Hooked a nice 20" smallie out of the rocky river in July a few years ago, on a small rebel craw. Before unhooking, the fish took a flip (I had a good grip in the lip) and imbedded one of those little hooks in the bottom of my finger, the other side of the joint closest to the tip. The hook was in real deep, and fishing it back out or the rest of the way through wouldn't be easy.

    Now with both of us hooked, the fish decided to really start thrashing around, taking my finger with it. I eventually calmed her down and unlooked the fish-end of the lure, for a successful release.

    To add insult to injury, I cut the line and took the 1/2 mile walk thru the woods back to the car, only to snag one of the other hooks on the lure to my pants. Driving home was fun with one hook in my finger, and the other in my pantleg.
  10. Fastlane

    Fastlane Fishless as usual

    Well, where do I start? One of the all time classics was the night I attended a group outing with a few guys from the old GFO site. It was a nice late summer evening when we hit the water on 4 different boats. We were fishing Rocky Fork Lake which I knew very very well as did most of the guys there that night. We hit a spot on the west end of the lake and few were biting so we decided to move. This was about the same time that heavy fog rolled in. Well the lead boat piloted by Roadman headed off and we followed, gonna try the area by the dam on the other end of the lake. My daughter and I were in the second boat and I noticed that we were slowly turning around. I thought maybe ROadman changed his mind. I tried to flash him with the spot but he kept going. FInanlly I opened her up to catch up with him and let him know we were heading the wrong direction. He isnsited I was wrong. I told him that the lights he was heading for was FIsherman's Wharf (About 300 yards from where we were originally fishing) Finally I convinced him and we stopped to wait for everyone. Let the beatings begin. Roadman was now to be known as Navigator. He was pretty red faced and we just kept jabbing him. I guess we wasted about 2 hrs going in circles that night. We did manage to catch a few fish later that night but the laughter was far more priceless.

    Next story happened again at Rocky fork. I had worked all day and gotten off an hour early to go fishing. At the time I was working 60-70 hrs a week. I rush home and hook up the boat to head out. I won't say how much beer was involved but it was an influence I assure you. Anyway, we got to the ramp by N Beach and backed into the water. Again, we are in a hurry and both of us are still wearing our work clothes which included ties. Boat won't push off the trailer and then it dawns on me that we had not un-done the straps on the back. Pulled back out and undo everything which turned out to be a blessing since the drain plug wasn't in! Now everything is ready. We shove off the trailer and my buddy goes and parks the truck. I wait for him at the dock and get things ready, lower the trim, prime the gas bulb, get the rods ready, get the life jackets out, I am ready to fish and the fish are jumping all over the place. He gets in the boat and we put our vests on, I turn the key and nothing. I hear the electric choke kicking in but it won't crank. Everything electric is working but it won't crank. I inspect everything as best I can for 20-30 minutes. I am getting madder by the second and profanity is flying fluently from my lips. Finally we give up. I get the boat loaded back on the trailer and head for the marina. We get there 5 minutes before he closes (which is where I had bought the boat a few months earlier) and I go in and tell him what it is doing. I wasn't being very friendly either. He calmly walked out to the boat and hit the switch, nothing. Then he opened the battery compartment, reached in and grabbed the biggest red wire in there looked at me and said "It'll start easier if ya hook this starter wire up". I politely thanked him and picked up what was left of my dignity and ego, and got back in the truck. Boy did I feel like a total idiot.
  11. My dad and I were fishing Mog about 12-15 yrs ago. We had fished the area well east of the boat house up to I believe Congress lake Rd? We decided to motor west under the bridge and try the islands west of Rt 43. We were getting to the area just before the boathouse and we passed by an old timer, by himself, in a boat. We exchanged the usual courtesy smile, nod, waves and we continued on under the bridge. We hadn't fished for more than 10-15 mins when a rangers boat comes screaming across the lake and under the bridge toward the boathouse kicking up quite a wake and eliciting a few nasty remarks from us as we were in one of those little 12' rentals. Within minutes sirens start approaching from every direction and there is quite a bit of commotion in the boathouse area. Curiousity gets the best of us and we motor back to see what happened. As you probably guessed that old fella must have had an heart attack or stroke and went overboard. they were setting up dive teams to look for him and I believe did after a good hour or two. It was sad but as my dad commented that he would rather go that way than wasting away in a hospital room. Since that day I always try to stop and exchange some conversation with the old guys esp. if they're alone to gauge how they're doin, just in case.
  12. LakeRaider

    LakeRaider EEEEEK!

    Where do I start. Picture this. zfish :confused:
    I take him to my lake for some crappie fishing. Now, me, being an acomplished beer drinker and absolute fishing guru? :p has decided that zfish needs a little bit of imbibement to set him straight. zfish never drinks! Yeah, B52'S FOR MIKEY, THAT OUGHT TO DO IT! hEHEHEHE And mind you, they were the little airplane bottles, 4 count to be exact. Well, after 2 of them zfish is hangin' up lures pretty good and I,m thinkin' man, I,m tired of him snaggin' up in the rocks. Now he's nursin' another B-52 and its happens! Bam! He's hung up good this time. I say " Mike ,wats the deal?" zfish is now in the Foster Brooks mode (drunk) and mind you,its pitch black by now " Diz you sees dat chipmunk
    run over and grabs my jig? (hiccup) He done jumped in dis lake and (burp) swimmed down and stuck it under that rock hole!" I,m thinkin' wat the? z is hammered off three little drinks. I,m dying laffing and he,s dead serious! I took the fouth little drinky away from him. Too funny! Raider
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  13. LiquidTension

    LiquidTension mouse potato

    not funny, but ..... leesville lake, a bud and me are casting for bass around some weed beds. were catching a few, here and there but mostly smallish ones. after some time of not catching any, buddy puts on a heddon torpedo and manages to hook a dink. not seeing any action for awhile, i stop what im doing and watch him. he is using a ultra-light uglystik and proceeds to skate the 12 inch bass across the top of the water toward the boat. he gets it about 6 feet away from boat and kaplowwwww a huge musky :eek: comes and takes the bass from the surface, dives under the boat.... buddies drag screamed for about 3 seconds while trying to hang on to his rod over the side of boat... then as soon as it started, it ended... his line went free and reeled up the slack and still had the torpedo on. we just kinda looked at each other, mouths agape and thought wow that was :cool:
  14. That got my blood pumping just reading about it. Cooooooool!