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  1. Just would like to get an idea of how you guys all like to clean (fillet) your fish....:B
  2. Best way I found is use an electric filet knife. Start at the head make a cut and run the knife along the backbone. Right when you get to the tail stop. Don't continue cutting but leave a small piece connected to the tail. Flip the fillet over so the skin is on the cutting board. Then run the knife, starting at the tail, along the skin and meat and it will fillet the meat off without the skin. Flip the fish over and do the same thing on the other side. I can fillet a fish in about 20 seconds using this method. The piece that stays attached to the tail holds the skin while you fillet it. After you have the meat off I always cut out the rib cage.

  3. I have done it many ways, but the method that CHOPIQ uses seems to work the best for me. It is quick and seems to leave little mess. When you are finished the fish is pretty much whole, minus the fillet. I have even gotten to lazy to do this. Now I throw almost all the fish I catch back. The fish that I eat are filleted by the Gordon Fisherman.
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    chopiq.... Thats exactly the way i do it!!! Pretty easy that way! I dont have an electric knife though but i have used one made by rapala! It was real nice!!
  5. ...I personally don't like an electric filet knife ..but have seen guys use one like a surgeon...I give them all the credit in the world...I own one used it once....the link given is a good one and shows how it is or should be done...When you have any questions go to OGF there will always be someone to help....Good Post's guys....
    :) ....GOOD FISHING GUYS....When all these rainy fronts get out of here...
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  6. Thanks guys, Chopiq, I never thought of that method...I hope once this cold front is long gone and the fish start biting again, I will have an opportunity to try it out! I will keep you updated when I try it...Thanks Again! (i just have a regular rapala fillet knife, but it should do)
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    I use a knife too.
  8. The best way to clean a fish is with a little soap and water ;)