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  1. looking for information on anyone living at or on the portage river to let me know if it is open and if water is fishable. We usually hit the river at the logon or right under the 2 bridge. Was talking to alot of the local people that live on the river and just wanting information on water color and temp and fishablety. Thanks for your help and cant wait to fish the area again for a great time.
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    I live within a block of the river
    Not only is the water ice cold but it's more than 2ft. high and water muddy as chocolate milk. ;) It'll be awhile before we get some decent fishing down there

  3. thank you for the information. We usually crappie fish and perch fish it and people say you can get walleye but just after a good time and to fish and catch some fun with the guys and have a good day. We will probly be up in a couple weeks. If you see a javelin with guys laughen and joken and hopefully catchen fish its us. Take care and thanks
  4. The fishing should start to pick up during the first week of march. Wait for a warming trend and hit up areas that are shallow with lots of submerged trees and you'll surely find some crappies. The bullheads will start to bite around the end of February through May in all of the creeks that run off of the portage.
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    Sploosh lol
    I'm pretty sure I know that name as Shauns bro???? No way
    Ha you don't me but I know u
  6. lol i know ya you're amys little brother and i think you played on my brothers baseball team a few years back. Still fishing eh? that's pretty cool. You know any spots to catch pike on a consistent basis? I always catch a few every year around hear, but I'm trying to get them figured out.
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    me and my friends get a few around may in the river up stream of brush. they love the whitebass bait we throw at them
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    O haha ya do know :D
    Yeah I did and yeah I am.
    It's not gunna be easy with this broken arm though.
    Those pike are few and far b/t
    I'm shootin ya a pm ;)
  9. I've caught them up there as well. Nothing big though, maybe 16" at the largest. I know for fact there are 30"+ pike swimming around. Just have to find them
  10. had to make one more post to be able to send a pm