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  1. Went to Old State Park yesterday. Ice ws 6 inches plus in some spots, but we also saw some areas that had 4 or less, so be careful! There was a couple of inches of slush on the ice with a few inches of snow on top. Tough walking! Had a great day! It seemed almost like an oxymoron to be ice fishing and listening to the Tribe play a spring training game in Florida! My son caught 2 nice bass and a nice gill. I didn't get bit at all. Took the iron skillet and cooked up some fried hot peppers, home fries, and bratwurst! Who needs fish???? It was a great day to be out! On a side note....do herons migrate for the winter? There was one walking on the ice most of the afternoon looking hungry and lost. He didn't get close enough for home fries. :D
  2. Sounds like you made some nice memories with your son. Hard to beat that!

    As for the Heron, they are more or less residential these days. A word of caution: Keep a close eye on your fish pile. A couple of years ago, I had a heron eat most of my gills while fishing at Long Lake. He ate the bass also!I've had a few walk within a few feet of me, looking for a hand-out. I'll throw them a small bluegill or two. Hope to get one of them to eat out of my hands one of these days.

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    Promisekeeper...... The general population of "herons"move further south for the winter.....but over the last 12+ years I've noticed that there are more and more staying here in my area........I'm lucky......as I look up from this keyboard and gaze out the window,I look down the hill of my side yard and watch the flowing creek waters passing by, after dropping over a waterfall up by the road. Fantastik sight to see those "silent fishermen" (herons) as they slowly ease their way along the bank, looking for any thing that catches their eye......Two days ago , one was walking on the ice above the "falls" ...... I'm glad you and your son got to share that sight.......good fishin to you...Jon Sr.