Portage Lakes topo map

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  1. JunkBass

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    Anybody know of a map or maps available online for Portage Lakes, or even Berlin, West Branch?

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  2. Should be gettin mine in mail soon. They dont have the $$$ for computers yet. Everything has to be done by hand. Found the phone number in the Fish and Field report of feb1/o8.

  3. We have a link on the front page to Ohio lake maps, but the link isn't working. It will be updated next week.
  4. Robert Woodson

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    Go to WWW.Ohiodnr.com find State Parks, find Maps,find Portage Lakes...there is a passing Map of the Portage lakes including Long Lake, North East and West Rservoirs, Turkeyfoot Rex and Mud Lake...I ordered the new Map on-line a while back, they sent me a big packet of materials on boating, Ohio ramps, Boating safety courses and what not, but no map. Idf you stop at Division Three, at the peninsula on North Reservoir off Portage Lakes Drive, or the Div. of Watercraft Office on South Arlington Street, they will give you a copy of the old one for free. I think that Des over at the Fisherman's Shack has a stack of them by his countertop pass through too.
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    (Portage Lakes/Coventry)
  5. Got my maps today. Says they are finishing new lake maps for all of NE Ohio Res. Hope its what you mentioned Big Daddy. Make it too easy!
  6. JunkBass

    JunkBass located in Wadsworth

    Thanks for the advice guys and hope to see you on the water soon.

  7. I visited the ODNR District 3 Office and requested them. They gave me maps of Nimmy, Mogadore & Portage Lakes