Portage Lakes SURPRISE!!!

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  1. Went bassin' with Nick and cfish... Pulled a half dozen on worms. Decided to try crankbaits. I caught 3 bass when cfish hooked into THIS.


    A 26 inch walleye! Or was it a saugeye? I don't care! It was a PIG! Must have been pushing 6 or 7 pounds. Caught on a black/silver crank on a weed edge in Turkeyfoot. Only walleye/saugeye I've seen caught in Portage, other than Nimisila, Long, or North... Fish was released.
  2. ParmaBass

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    That's a nice Eye on Erie, but an absolute HOG on an inland lake. I've never heard of or seen any Eyes caught on Portage either. Nice Fish!

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    Thats totally cool! :cool: WB
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    Been fishing portage at least once a week and that is by far the best thing I have seen come out of there yet......even better IMO than the monster catfish. Sweet catch congrats guys.
  5. If the tip of that tail is white that's a walleye!
    They're in there too, we've caught several big ones in East reservoir early in the year.
    There used to be a guy that fished out there for nothing but walleye in Turkeyfoot and East. I would always see him trolling from T-foot to Dusty's Landing.
  6. I have caught walleye in Mud lake. It was yuears ago out of my float tube drifting wagworms for redears. Nothing close to that size though,

  7. I've talked to a few old timers about the walleye that used to be in there... First one I've seen out of T-foot.

    It was pretty exciting to see the white spot on the tail in that clear water!
  8. Saugeye have the same white tip ;). That far north I vote walleye.
  9. K gonefishin

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    When I was a kid on my dad's boat he caught a walleye on a floating rapala on Turkeyfoot, that is a nice size eye ball for an inland lake, old fish. great job.
  10. Hey BigDaddy, two years ago I think I caught your fishes brother. Got this one out of Turkeyfoot while bass fishing on a jig. Measured 27.25". It was dark and all I saw at first was how long it was and I thought I had a monster bass, then I saw it was a walleye:mad: I was wondering why it wasn't putting up much of a fight:p [​IMG]
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    Yes they do.
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    About 6 or 7 years ago, I caught a walleye nearly that size while fishing turkeyfoot in the high point area across from the boat launch. I was crappie fishing early spring, and it was in about 3 ft of water. Walleye used to be stocked in turkeyfoot years ago, but never took off, so were replaced by saugeyes. Great catch Man!!
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    Nice walleye! I've only seen one other out of Turkeyfoot and that was caught by my wife about 12 years ago. It was about that size and she released it too.

    I saw another one on her line but it tossed the hook (about a year later) before I could get a net under her. On that hump just outside the speed lane.

    Both were on jigs.

  14. Heres one I caught just down from the ramp a couple years back. I was told it was a saugeye but im not sure., never seen one before.
    IIRC it was 4.5lbs and i think 26"

  15. Not true polesqueezer. Up until 1996 Saugeyes were stocked in Turkeyfoot, ODNR decided they may enter the Erie system somehow and mess with the genetic strain, (thru the Cuyahoga), now they stock pure walleye in there now since 1999. You can occasionally catch saugeyes, but they are going to be big ones.
  16. Can't say that anymore. That is a saugeye.
  17. Awsome. now I need to catch her again. A couple years later that should be a monster by now :)
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    I believe the last 2 posted are saugeyes??
    They are pigs if they are.