Portage Lakes Sunday

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  1. Great day to be on the ice near the old State Park. First time in close to five years but it was a pretty good one.

    It was tough at first but i've gotta thank Mike for putting me on the fish. They would not touch the waxworms I had but loved the maggots on pinman. Within 15 minutes the gills, bass, and crappie were on. Many gills and crappie were dinks but there were a few good eaters.

    It was cool to fish with Jim, his Dad and Tim from Long Lake.

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    Sounds like I was a day late, glad you got into them! They sure weren't biting on Saturday!

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    The weekend was deffinitely looking bad after the Friday and Saturday reports from the fishermen in the Portage County area.Sunday changed all that.I had received many calls starting early Sunday morning that the fishing was good.I have customers who fish their local holes like West Branch,Twin Lakes, Brady Lake,farm ponds and numerous guys fishing the strip pits.I decided to get out for the first time myself to get in on the action.I fished a local pit from 6pm-9pm and did well.Caught 35-40 crappie, 2 walleye and 2 huge channel catfish.The guys that headed back out this evening had the same good reports.Hope the ice is still in good shape come Thursday........Mark