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Portage Lakes Saturday

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Big Daddy, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. Hit the lakes with cfish102 today. Weather was pretty nasty, but we dodged most of the heavy rain until the end of the day. Thank goodness for rainsuits. LOL.

    We were going after the big redears and had a ball. 4 Fish Ohio's out of 17 keepers, all 8+ inches. Biggest fish was pushing 10". GREAT fun on light tackle. I'll post pix when batteries charge up. We threw back probably 10 others we could have kept, but didn't want to over do it, even on the gills. I'd rather clean 10 than 100 any day....

    Do have a problem though. There was no water flowing through my motor. The intakes were'nt clogged, at least the screens weren't and everything looked OK on the outside. Not sure what to do next. The motor started fine, idled fine. Didn't run it hard at all though. No issues other than no water going through it. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  2. Hey Big Daddy, If you did not overheat and you are talking about no water coming out of the weep hole(water pump indicator) , you might have something cloging it. Just stick a wire in it to unclog it .I hope this helps....JIM

  3. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    Your water pump might be shot.
  4. I figured it may be the water pump. I'm going to take off the screens tomorrow and check it closer. The motor did not overheat though.
  5. Nice Ears Carl........... Take Care.............. Rich
  6. Really nice gills Carl. Which of the lakes did you seem to have the most luck?
  7. In the past, East has been the best for me. We got these in West yesterday.

    7-8 ft of water, on the drop-offs.
  8. Bugs sometimes build nests inside the water tubes used for cooling the outboards, so as was mentioned before, try clearing out the lines with a piece of wire before taking too much apart and making more work for yourself.
  9. A pair of "ear muffs" that you attach to the water intake and a garden hook a hose to could be helpful. The pressure from the garden hose will help force out any small deposits left after you do the wire trick.

    This is one tool no outboard owner should be without. Let's you do all of your tuning and post-season maintenance while in the driveway. That way you're spending your time on the water fishing instead of swearing at your outboard. Not to mention that it's a lot easier to adjust the carb(s) while in your garage than out in the lake.
  10. My neighbor has a set of those. Yesterday was one of his kid's birthday party's, so I didn't bother him. Today, I'll give that a shot.
  11. Most likely the tell tale is just plugged. If the impeller was bad, your motor would be shot by now. The telltale is just an indicator that water is passing through the motor, but, water can still go through the motor if it's clogged. If there was no water circulating you should have heard a warning buzzer and your motor would have overheated in a short period of time. I have constant problems with spiders getting in mine. It's become a weekly routine for me to be hanging over the back of the boat after launching, trying to clean it out with whatever I can find in the boat. :rolleyes: You can usually pick up an engine flush attachment at Walmart for about $5. With the engine running and the hose hooked up, try to clean out the hole with a small wire. Whatever's in there should work itself out.
  12. Took the hoses off, blew them out, cleaned out weep hole with a wire, hooked up the motor muff and it was pushing out water like a champ. Guess it was clogged up.