Portage Lakes on Sunday.......

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  1. I'm hitting Portage tomorrow (sunday) with a buddy.........anybody else going?

    This is the first time (sad, isn't it??) that I'll be taking my boat out fishing this year.....and YES, I've already installed the plug! HA! - if you don't understand, see previous post by myself.......

    I've been trying to take my buddy out in my boat ever since I bought it 3 years ago. He's been my best friend since like 3rd grade - 20 years now? Wow, am I that old?

    Anyhow - it finally worked out that we can get together and go. My wife is letting me go, his is letting him! HAHA! He works afternoons, so during the week is darn near impossible.

    Just letting you guys know that if you see a little blue 15' Procraft with a 90hp Rude on the back - and a good looking bald guy up front - THAT'S ME!!

    We'll be out around 3pm or so and probably fish till dark............hope to see you out there!
  2. Good luck! I was wanting to go out and do some fishing today but I'm not sure I'll be making it out. I'm hoping to make it out next sunday though!

  3. Yeah - be glad you stayed in.

    First off, I get ready to launch and guess what?? DEAD BATTERY! Talk about a real pizzer........had just charged it too, still don't know what happened. Good thing Autozone up the road had a battery - $59 dollars and about 30 min later we were finally off.

    We just launch the boat and WHAM! Get hammered by the storm. Thought it was done for the day..........guess I was wrong. I'm certainly no Dick Goddard. Good thing I had my rainsuit in the boat - but buddy didn't! HAHA!

    We launched at about 3:30pm and came in around 7:00pm. Caught a couple of nice bass. Man alive is that lake weedy though! I don't remember it being that weedy last year...........
  4. Sorry about the bad luck! Bad day fishing is a better day than at work right? :D

    Where all did you fish? I didn't seem to find to many weeds last time out about a week or so ago.
  5. I've been to portage about three times this year in the boat and the underwater grass seems to be getting thicker everytime out. My wife and I went out Saturday and had tons of fun catching keeper gills, about the size of my hand, which I wear a size 14 ring. This is the first year I have fished portage but there seems to be every type of blue gill, along with rock bass. I'm not sure what to use to catch bass because any crankbait will get hung up. Any info would be nice!
  6. Well, I can't give all my secret spots away.......but we started out in this spot: when you go to the state park ramps off of Rt. 93, come out of that channel and hang a hard left - we started out fishing along the concrete breaker wall of the first house on the left. Beautiful house........

    Anyhow, I've caught several nice bass before with a rubber worm off that wall - but yesterday the dang grass/weeds were so thick it made fishing tough.....even with a rubber worm.

    Then we hit my "SUPER SECRET SPOT" in which the location is top secret, if-I-tell-you-I'd-have-to-maim/torture/kill-you.........sorry, that's how it is. Anyhow, caught 3 in there on rubber worms............I like the Red Shad color - seem to always catch at least 2 on those every time out.........

    But yeah, weeds are horrible this year!
  7. I wasnt looking for details on spots just what lake you were at :D

    I didn't think it was to bad, I fished over by the upper deck bar and it seems around normal. I've never fished over where you are talking about.
  8. upper deck?? is that the place where you come out from under the bridge and it's on your right - with the big wooden deck and the paddle boat looking thing??

    If that's it, then my secret spot is further out than that - it's past the iron channel too........
  9. Yup that is exactly where I'm talking about. I haven't been out looking for monsters lately. I've been out looking for fish in general. I've been taking out my girlfriends younger brother who hasn't fished before so I was trying to go to spots that produce a lot of catching.

    I have a few spots I want to try out past the iron channel. I did fish some lily pads there past the iron channel on right after a small little dock. Caught a few bass there last year but haven't tried it yet this year. The other spots I want to try were given to me by another member so I can't say where those are at :D