Portage lakes on Saturday ....

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  1. My buddy and I hit portage on saturday morning.......and did really well. I caught 5 - smallest being about 1 1/2 lbs and largest going 3 1/2lbs. My buddy caught 3 - total bag for a tourney would have been about 14lbs. Not bad at all.

    All were caught on rubber worms - and I even caught one on a shakey head setup - first time I've tried and was pleasantly surprised!

    Man.......my thumb is tore up! HAHA..........what a good feeling! We caught 3 real nice ones at about 11am - when the sun was really hot. I didn't want to leave, but we each had other things going on. Sucks when the bite is so hot.
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    Good job Skarfer! That would have won most of the tourneys out there. I've been fishing Nimisila a lot this year due to the crowds at Portage. It is really slow and frustrating out there lately. Were there a lot people out there running into you with their rented pontoons????

  3. Actually NO - there weren't many boats out there at all.......it was surprising and quite nice!

    Course, I've got a few "secret" spots that not many toons bother to get into.......maybe that helped too. But on the main lake there wasn't much traffic either - I was both surprised and happy!
  4. was there myself friday nite mid nite till 8 in the am and I have to agree the bite was on just killed them we had 16.10 and won our nite tourney . Best fishing we have ever done at portage