Portage Lakes (North) - 4/9/08

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  1. So the girls and I went out tonight after crappies and did alright for just being out for a few hours. We ended up with 8 crappie and all but two were 10" or larger, to my surprise. Wish I would have had the camera tonight! Biggest went 12 1/2" that my youngest caught. She actually caught all of them but one, which my oldest daughter caught. Needless to say, there was a lot of animosity between those two tonight.

    I heard a lot of "Look, I caught another one" and "Daddy, what do I do when my bobber goes away again?" and the best one was "I don't have to pay attention and I can still catch fish!"

    My nine year old must of had every intelligent crappie in the lake look at her bait. She had a plenty of lookers that played with it but only the one taker. Oh well, the lesson she learned was that you don't catch them all of the time and your younger sister can "school" even you. :)

    I'm not going to hear the end of this for a while. LOL!:p

    The master angler's took all the fish with either a plain gold or silver jig & minnow with about a 2 1/2' leader.

    As for me, the old man could'nt even get a fish to even sniff his bait. Oh well, that's pretty much par for the course!
  2. sounds like you had a great time . why to go girls and out fish Dad

  3. pymybob,

    Sounds nice. Where at North did you catch them?
  4. Robert Woodson

    Robert Woodson Woody in Akron

    Great story, Thanks for sharing it PygmyBob...
    I can imagine the verbal sparring involved...my son Bobby and his older sister Anna are a trip when they are out together, on shore or in the boat.
    Good Fishing,
    Woody in Akron
    Portage Lakes/Coventry
  5. My son Nick is the same way when he "schools" me. LOL! It happens too much these days!!!

    Congrats on the good trip!