Portage Lakes, Monday 01/12

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  1. From JJPugh:

    hey just letting ya know i seen guys today on north by the fish hatchery across from t's. and i also saw a guy out on long walked from t's all the way to were the pads are in the summer. and there was a guy fishing 30' of the docks by rose villas. still seen no one behind dano's bar though.

    I also saw 2 guys fishing North next to the small island at noon.
  2. Thanks for the report...

  3. mrphish42

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    The snow conditions, putting all that weight on the ice still can be a big draw-back most places....Lot of moisture under it.... So be very careful when you head out. Well, spent from noon'ish till' dark on "NIMI" with ICEBUCKETJOHN and about 12 to 14 other guys at any given time...Was a very enjoyable and productive time. In that time frame, we iced over a 100 fish and kept 35......for a 1 in 3 ratio of kept fish...Had some great conversations with some of the local guys ........and shared many various topics with John......WHO, BY THE WAY, GETS DRAWN DEEPER INTO THE WEB OF "VEXILAR" FISHING.......EACH NEW TRIP WE TAKE. This guy is great to fish with....takes it very serious.......has open up his world to shanty's/electronics/spring bobbers/and a host of other things. So if he mentions he's going to be fishing some where and if your interested....to come out out and join him.......take him up on it......and the pleasure will be all yours.....Oh ya, John....soon as this stormy session has worked it's self out....I'm up for a return bout on some good ice/on any lake/any where......jON sR.
  4. Jon: Wonderful day on the ice... and on top ot that, we caught some nice gills too!

    As for the next excursion, today is definitely out for me and Weds is questionable due to weather. Let's see about Thursday or Friday.. I'm all for hitting someplace on my way to work.. that way I can fish a little longer... (Mogadore continues to perk my interest.. especially that Western side).

    I'm open for options & suggestions, but certainly would like to return to Nimi in the next week or so. That kind of action certainly kept the adrenalin flowing... and the coffee in the thermos!


    Have you already filletd those gills? Nice looking fish when I cleaned the batch from Sunday's trek... beautiful colors, fins, overall body formation and fillets... just darn nice, healthy looking gills.

  5. Icebucketjohn..From the sounds of it you and your buddy had a great day on NIMI...How thick was the ice...Probably tough sledding with all that snow..and more on the way...Good to hear you done well....Jim...
  6. yeah, I had 2 good days at Nimi... Cant wait to return, but I gotta work Tuesday- Saturday.. 2nd shift.... So if I do go out, it'll be in the morning.

    Crusty top with 1 1/2 water/slush combination... 4" ice..
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    IBJOHN.........Fish are all done....mess all cleaned up....and another memory filed away, for my senior years. Guess I'll invite my buddy and his wife( they have some medical problems) to enjoy a fresh fish dinner with all the extras. Will catch up with you later in the week.......Be safe out there.....jON sR.
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    hey guys i grew up on the portage lakes and fished them for about 20 years. my folks still live up there. unfortunatley i live in columbus away from the wonderful fishery. drop me an e-mail if you want some GREAT places to haul out slabs... I would love to join you even..fishforfun26@aol.com