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  1. Does anyone know where you can get a good map of portage lakes? Kames a few years ago used to carry the maps but I havent seen them in a long time.
    I am not looking for the one you get off the odnr site or the book of all the ohio lakes, it folds out like a regular map does and is very detailed.
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    Are you talking about the "hot maps" brand?I know Gander carries alot of those, or at least they use to....?

  3. I have seen the ones at gander those are not the ones I am looking for. The map I am looking for I have only really seen at kames. I forget who makes it but they are just a large blue paper map that looks like a regular map and they make them for all or most I should say lakes around here.
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    mrhkorn, you are looking for a map made by Permaguide. I've got them for a lot of local lakes.
    If you can't find one, I'll be happy to let you look at mine if you are trying to find something in particular.

    They can be hard to find for the Portage Lakes. If you find some, buy two in case you ruin or lose one.

    I hope this helps. !%
  5. Thats not it either, next time i am in kames i will have to get the name of the manufacturer. I do appreciate all the help though from everyone.
  6. I work about 100 yards from Kame's - where are they located at, and I'll shoot over there today and look for you. I need to pick up some more screw lock weights anyhow.....need to see if they carry them there.
  7. They moved stuff around and last time I was in I think I only saw one map out. You would have to ask them. Just have to tell them there single lake maps not a book that fold out like a regular map. The map is all blue and comes in a clear bag. If you happen to go and find out anything that would be awesome. Thanks for all your help everyone.
  8. The Sportsman Connection books. They have all the lakes in Ohio in two seperate books and they are pretty detailed. I got them at Wal-mart.
  9. To be quite honest, there are no good detailed maps of the Portage Lakes.
    Fishing Hot Spots does not produce one, the accuracy of the Permaguides are questionable and the maps in the Sportsman Connection books are state maps.
    Trust me, I know.