Portage Lakes ice

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  1. cousin said he seen someone out on portage and someone was on nimisila too still not enough ice for me to be on the lakes. This weekend should be good.
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    wow! icebucketjohn just had a post today I believe saying there was only an inch of ice at osp.

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    Haynes Bay at the C-5 parking area was still half open on Saturday. I was surprised.
  4. JK1912 is Right. I drove to OSP at approx. 12:30 Sunday and their was a guy with a hatchet who came back and reported 2-3". Next drove to nmi by the bay off main street ansd watched 2 teenagers walk across chanel to island and back.
  5. read the posts today about the ice guess i wasnt wrong cant wait till the weekend ill be their
  6. OLD STATE PARK: Monday 1/12/08 2:30 pm
    Ice is 3 1/2"
    3 guys ice-fishing, catching dink gills in 6-7' depth
    Ice is solid, crystal clear, like a mirror, extremely slick (you'll need ice
    Middle of the bay is still unsafe.

    I'll be fishing on it Tuesday 1/22
  7. i fished nimisilla this afternoon. c5 had 3 in. and a couple bays off main st. had 3 to 4 in most places...with some 2 1/2 in others....really good ice...make sure you have some creepers....no luck though. i felt pretty safe and i weigh around 260.